Cardiff Content Marketing for Any Organisation

You can’t sum up Cardiff with castles, parks and Millenium Stadium. It combines a thriving arts scene with established institutions such as the University Hospital of Wales and a growing film industry. Cardiff’s business landscape has certainly changed over the years, with tech startups following the call of the Cardiff Capital Region City Deal. Recent investments in infrastructure are helping film productions, renewable energy enterprises and those in the financial sector alike.

We know that there is more that makes up a business than just its product — it’s the people too. Brafton content marketing gives your company the power to connect with the people who will resonate with your product or service.

Content gives you the chance to talk directly with consumers in the language they can understand, on the platforms they use and with the information they’ll need to make their next decision (obviously choosing your brand over others). There are so many voices in Cardiff that need to be heard, and Brafton has the data-backed solutions you need to reach them.

We have the experience and content strategy to reach the audience you want to target. 

And it all starts with uncovering what’s most important to your business, how customers connect with your brand and building up from there.