eBook Formatting and Design Services

Blending eye-catching visual design with intentional yet impactful copywriting, eBooks are a premier mid-funnel content marketing asset, ideal for everything from lead generation to thought leadership. Trust Brafton’s eBook formatting and design services.

Custom Graphic Design and eBook Formatting

Reader- and purpose-specific eBook design and formatting is central to the marketing asset’s success — eBook design connects readers with the content, shaping their experience from cover to cover.

When an eBook is visually appealing, it grabs attention, keeps readers engaged and sets the stage for the call-to-action. And not to mention: Design and formatting excellence enhances brand reputability, trust and ultimately drives ROI. 

In essence, here’s why brands focus on optimising their eBooks aesthetics:

  • Positive first impressions. 
  • Navigational efficiency.
  • Enhanced readability. 
  • Visual reinforcement. 
  • Branding consistency. 

eBooks that are well designed simply perform better. By having eBook formatting and graphic design experts by your side, you ensure that your eBook’s call-to-action won’t fall on deaf ears. 

eBook Ideation

Want to reach a certain reader base and set forward your brand’s authority, yet don’t know where to start? Our team of content marketing strategists — alongside other stakeholders, such as our in-house designers and copywriters — can work with you to determine the whats, whys and hows. We’ll draw on our deep expertise to ideate on the best eBook options based on your bespoke organisational goals.

eBook Writing

At Brafton, we have a team of world-class content writers. They’ll take the topic and present it in a way that resonates with your audience, presents your brand in an excellent light and ultimately drives users down your sales funnel. Conversely, if you already have eBook copy created, our writers can refine and optimise the text, ensuring that it’s of the highest quality possible. 

eBook Design and Formatting

Our in-house eBook designers adopt design best practices to ensure that your eBook is easily digestable, appealing and authority-invoking. This applies to formatting and the inclusion of supportive design elements such as graphs, charts, infographics or other related assets. 

eBook Promotion

It’s one thing to create an excellent eBook; it’s another to ensure that it’s properly received. To increase readership and ultimately drive users down your funnel, you’ll need to lean on a mix of SEO, PPC and general content marketing expertise — all available with Brafton. Your eBooks promotion strategy will depend on your target audience and organisational/brand goals more generally, as will be considered by your Brafton strategist when determining the best ways to maximise your eBook’s reach and engagement. 

eBook Campaign Tracking

It doesn’t stop with putting your eBook out into the ethos. Rather, we can learn from the data to tweak your eBook marketing efforts, yielding a more positive ROI. Plus, through eBook campaign tracking, you’ll be informed as to exactly how well your eBook is performing, creating a cause for celebration. 

eBook Design Process

Working alongside your content writer, Brafton graphic designers are involved in the eBook production process from the start. They begin by examining the asset’s outline to gain a better sense of the specific topic, following up with the creative team and client with any questions.


From there, they conduct research for branding and visual design purposes. Oftentimes, designers will present clients with various templates and themes for their eBooks based on the topic, associated keywords and any appropriate imagery. Your existing visual branding is taken into account, and any relevant collateral is collected for inspiration and to ensure consistency.

Theme and Art Selection

Brafton graphic designers also consider how the eBook will fit into your current content marketing strategy, as well as how it will complement and support any existing visual collateral. The goal is to maintain brand consistency while providing a custom-built, effective content marketing asset. Existing imagery from client-provided collateral, as well as specific colour schemes and fonts, often provide the initial foundation of the eBook.

Layout Design

After themes and art styles are determined, designers work to establish a general eBook format and layout design. This includes considerations such as cover pages, tables of contents and other basic presentation and arrangement factors. Using cutting-edge design software, Brafton’s creative team is also able to include interactive digital elements within the eBook to increase engagement and assist with asset navigation.


Once the eBook is fully laid out, complete with finished fonts, colours, illustrations, photographs and interactive interior design components, it is provided to the client for final approval. All feedback and any last-minute editing requests are incorporated into the eBook to create the final product.

eBook Design Best Practices

From cover design to contact page, effective eBooks are created with content marketing best practices in mind. During the formatting and design process, the Brafton creative team works to ensure proven guidelines are followed, including using minimal text on each page and ensuring the visual design of the eBook supports both your storytelling and commercial objectives.

Designing for Thought Leadership

While client-provided designs can be implemented easily, designers strive to create custom, one-of-a-kind imagery to better establish thought leadership on the part of the client. These take the form of unique ebook cover design, illustrations, icons, charts, graphs or other visual design options. Various art styles are available, from more illustrative arrangements to photo-realistic compositions. Your creative team will work to offer a variety of options based on client preferences and audience appeal.

Text and Imagery

Writers and designers collaborate to balance insightful, impactful text with imagery and appealing design elements. We understand that eBooks are at their best when this balance is applied. At 125 words per page, on average, we allow the designed elements to shine, using the copy as a complementary counterpart that offers more depth to designed assets on the page. 


Once completed and approved, Brafton content marketing strategists assist with the publishing and eBook launch. Our experts will help you determine which channels to publish on, and what eBook file format works the best of each. After we upload the eBook file, we can begin promoting the eBook conversion rate. This is accomplished through the creation of customised eBook calls to action.

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Metrics Tracking 

The purpose of keeping tabs on the performance of your eBook is twofold: to be informed as to your ROI, and to make adjustments accordingly. Competent marketing specialists know what adjustments to make to a marketing strategy based on results — this oftentimes requires nuanced expertise, as the necessary adjustments may not be obvious on the surface. Through making adjustments according to your eBooks performance, you essentially optimise your promotional efforts, yielding optimal results. 

In addition, you need to know how much return you’re getting on your eBook investment. As provided by the data, you’ll gain insight into the reach, engagement and conversion, among other relevant factors, of your eBook, allowing you to make further improvements to both current and future marketing efforts. 

Perhaps counterintuitively, the process of a physical book formatting service differs from that of an eBook formatting service, with the design implications differing also. With Brafton, our eBook experts work together to ensure optimal eBook conversion rates, holding your nuanced business goals front and centre. 

Trust the experts with your eBook creation through Brafton’s eBook formatting and design service. Contact us today!