Ashlee Sierra

By now, you’ve likely heard of content marketing. Using high-quality blogs, videos and social media posts to stimulate interest in your brand makes content marketing one of the easiest and most creative ways to bring your target audience to your website and get them to convert.

But what about email marketing? Is it worth diving into the mailbox of the consumer in the hopes of intriguing them about your products and services?

In short, yes. With 66% of businesses surveyed in the 2020 Small Business Marketing Email Marketing Statistics Report admitting to their use of email marketing, there’s a reason (or two, three or four) why this strategy works.

Why Invest in Email Marketing? 10 Benefits 

Writing your own emails and deploying an automation strategy can work, but it takes a lot of patience to see the results come to life. Instead of giving yourself another responsibility to handle within your business, invest in email marketing instead. Here are 10 benefits of email marketing:

  1. Grow leads. Email marketing strategies come with accelerated lead generation. 
  2. Increase brand awareness. Fun email subject lines and interactive email content are two simple factors that go into creating brand awareness via your email marketing strategy. This can help further personalise your brand and keep you at top of mind for readers and subscribers. 
  3. Personalise your content. Sending targeted messages to your readers is a simple way to increase your chance of a conversion. Personalised emails are the result of customer segmentation and marketing automation, two things an email marketing agency can organise and implement for you. 
  4. Increase sales. Create emails with deals and discount codes, and create abandoned cart email campaigns to encourage your customers to finish the transaction. 
  5. Strengthen and maintain relationships with customers. No matter what your brand is all about, it’s important that you create content that showcases your brand as a thought leader. An email strategy can help you create and distribute content regularly, which can ultimately help your readers develop more trust in your brand and continue coming back for more. 
  6. Promote your products and services. Email is a great mode of transportation for advertising. An email marketing strategy can help you create email blasts and campaigns to promote new products and services. 
  7. Guide traffic to your website. A strong email marketing campaign includes shared links that redirect readers to your website. Keeping your emails connected to your website and your social media accounts can help you convert faster. 
  8. Gain metrics with valuable insights. With a strategy in place, you gain insightful metrics that guide the way the rest of your email marketing strategy goes. Analytics that will give you a closer look into what your target audience responds well to include open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates and bounce rates.   
  9. Get people back in their carts. An email marketing strategy can introduce you to the specific techniques and phrasing used to create email campaigns for card abandonment. 
  10. Save time across the board. The amount of time and effort that goes into a self-made email marketing strategy can seem out of touch, and in most cases, won’t get you the same results as a strategy built by an email marketing agency. Pass the responsibility of email marketing down to an agency that has all of the tools and resources to generate a strategy that boosts your ROI.  

What’s it Like Working With an Email Marketing Agency?

By handing over your email marketing and overall digital strategy to an email marketing agency, you can send catchy email campaigns that spearhead results, build a subscriber list and reorganise your email marketing strategy altogether. 

Whether you’re not feeling the impact of your email blast or you’re simply ready to hand over the responsibility to someone else, here are some of the main reasons you might consider hiring an email marketing agency:

  • You don’t have the time you dedicate to email marketing, but you’re ready to take the dive.
  • It’s not in your wheelhouse to create email marketing campaigns.
  • You don’t have the tools and resources to create and send effective emails.
  • You don’t know how to craft creative and informational emails.

By working with a team of trained SEO and marketing professionals, you can feel confident about your email campaigns and workflows and how your target audience perceives them. Finding a team that can manage your entire email marketing campaign from front to back and support your efforts along your email endeavors can help you reach your business goals. 

Some of the tasks an email marketing agency will take over include:

  • Creating emails with optimised subject lines, preview text and body content that leads to increased open rates.
  • Managing all emails as they come in and out to guide follow-ups. 
  • Implementing user-friendly automation technology for email campaigns. 
  • Segmenting audiences and email addresses.
  • Evaluating results and making campaign changes based on the outcome. 
  • And more. 

Email Marketing Services

Working with a company that provides email marketing services gives you the tools, resources and content to better cater to your target audience and create email templates that convert clients. 

An email marketing agency takes the time to get an idea of what you’re expecting out of the partnership, while simultaneously learning your brand, target audience and overall company goals.  

Effective email marketing service providers lay out a blueprint for your campaign strategy before approval, then keep you informed and up-to-date for management throughout the process. A typical email marketing strategy will involve: 

  • Designing your email templates to appropriately match your brand and meet your expectations.
  • Utilising an email marketing platform for marketing automation.
  • Devising email drip campaigns from the creation of the email to orchestrating the timing of messages. 
  • Measuring results and creating campaign reports to determine what worked and what didn’t. Understanding how well emails are performing helps you decide if you should make changes or leave the strategy as is. 

Best Email Marketing Agencies in the UK

Taking a chance and investing in email marketing services can work wonders for your business. Here are some of the best email marketing agencies in the UK to consider. 

1. Brafton

Of course, we made the top of our list of best email marketing agencies, but it comes with good reason. We take the time to get to know your organisation in tandem with your target audience so we can create the most successful, data-driven email marketing campaign for your brand. We want you to consider us as an extension of your marketing team; a group of professionals who can create email programmes that cater directly to your readers. We can help you build email lists, develop personas, design email templates, and create newsletters, transactional emails and more. 

2. Pixated

As one of the more prominent email marketing agencies in the UK, Pixated provides a full strategy for organisations looking for B2B and B2C email campaigns. From automated sequence emails for abandoned carts to workflow emails for post-purchase upsells, Pixated uses its proven email marketing strategy to represent your brand while delivering the results that fuel your business growth. 

3. NinjaPromo

This full-service digital marketing agency provides everything from social media and influencer marketing to SEO services, PR and paid media. The organisation also offers email marketing, and with its strategy suggestions, believes you can “entice customers and prospects to take specific actions using personalised messaging that promotes your brand.”

4. The Brains

As a multi-award-winning email marketing agency in London, we had to respect the craft and include The Brains on our list of best digital marketing agencies providing email marketing services. This organisation uses next-level automation alongside proven marketing strategies to create email marketing campaigns that help businesses grow, nurture relationships and convert leads. 

Ready to embark on an email marketing partnership? Brafton is the digital and email marketing agency that can help you with email, social and all things content marketing. In the meantime, be in touch to get started on your upcoming email marketing campaign!