Table of Contents

– Blog Articles
– Landing Pages & Site Copy
– Search Performance Brief
– Copy Refresh
– SPB-Based Copy Reoptimization
– White Papers (Formatted)
– eBooks (Formatted)
– Case Studies (Formatted)
– One Pagers (Formatted)
– Promotional Copy
– Product Descriptions

– Custom Illustrations
– Call to Action (CTA)
– Content Formatting
– Paid Display Ads
– Infographics
– Design Source Files

– Animated Logo
– Animated GIF
– Website Demo
– Motion Graphic Animation
– Short-Form Videos

– Corporate Promotional Video
– Testimonials & Interviews
– Product Promos
– Event Coverage

– Studio Production
– Interview or Testimonial

– Foundational Presence Package
– LinkedIn Package
– Instagram Package
– Facebook Package
– Twitter Package
– Pinterest Package

– Social media posts (Copy & Scheduling)
– Social Images
– Carousel Posts
– Custom Instagram Stories
– Reshare IG Posts to IG Stories
– Follower Pushes
– Community Management
– Per Month Reporting
– Press Release Distribution

– Paid Social Campaign
– Boosted or Promoted Posts

– Email Copywriting
– Custom Email Marketing Services
– Email Newsletter
– Email Audit
– Database Cleanse
– Lead Scoring Strategy & Implementation
– Template Design
– List Uploads
– Email Domain Health Assessment

– Paid Search Audit
– PPC Management

– Technical SEO Audit
– Technical SEO Services
– SEO Content Audit
– Content for SEO Services
– Local SEO Management
– Internal Link Audit
– Backlink Management & Link Building
– Directory Listing Management

– UX/CRO Audit (One Page/Multipage)
– A/B Testing
– Website Heatmapping Analysis
– Website User Testing
– Website Usability & Efficacy Audit
– User Journey Mapping
– Information Architecture (IA) Audit
– UX & Website Redesign
– Landing Page Creation
– Original Research: Survey
– Digital Public Relations
– Market Research: Survey
– Market Research: Focus Group Moderation
– Brand Messaging Audit
– Brand Messaging Guide
– Brand Identity & Market Research
– Product Name Development
– UX Competitor Analysis
– Interactive Content
– Persona Development
– Online Reputation Management & Review Response
– YouTube Consulting

– Technical Support
– Website Updates (Technical)
– Monthly Maintenance (WordPress & Drupal)
– Website Problem Diagnosis
– Core Web Vitals Audit

The Brafton Content Marketing Platform

Plan, produce and measure performance for all your content marketing in just one place.

The Brafton Platform provides an intuitive content calendar, end-to-end project management and digital asset management  that is purpose-built for digital marketing. It is the only content marketing platform built by content marketers, for content marketers.


Timely, industry-facing copy. Blog content may focus on your products and services, thought leadership, evergreen advice or the latest trending topics within your sector. These articles position your brand as a niche authority, build search visibility and draw traffic.

Sales collateral that documents your value proposition, and demonstrates that value with real-world customer success stories, respectively. These late-stage assets are crucial for sales enablement, as they help turn prospects into customers.

Use one-pagers to succinctly summarize the value of your brand or any of its specific products or services. You can create a one-pager about your company as a whole, about broad service areas within your organization, or about very specific offerings. These small but mighty assets pack in all of the most important specs, benefits and other details that prospects need to see at the point of sale. 

This includes written press releases, and email and newsletter copy that help you generate interest in your brand and its products and services. This copy is often created in conjunction with Brafton’s Email, Consulting and/or Social Media teams.

Thorough, concise, on-brand, search-optimized product and service copy that entices readers to try or buy.


A graphic representation of one data point or concept. Custom illustrations are rendered through icons, graphic art or illustrations. Custom illustrations may be delivered in-line within content. Photo and text custom illustrations may be applied as site headers. 


A visually engaging infographic that illustrates basic data points, workflows and cycles through stylized icons and supplemental copy. Silver infographics work with 3-5 data points to convey concepts, workflows and processes.


Gold infographics use 6-8 data points to create a visual story with on-brand language, rich 2D imagery, characters, illustrations and stylized icons.

Video Content: Animation


A logo animation increases memorability, engagement and brand consistency. Bring your logo to life and start utilizing it on all your video content, from social videos to detailed animation explainers and about us videos.


Features stylized vector icons and dynamic text. Use these attention-grabbing assets in newsletters, social feeds, blog posts and landing pages. 


Features fully dynamic animation, including simple characters and detailed scenes or icons. It has the same use cases as a silver GIF, but with greater detail in design and animation. 


An animation that combines stock footage, text, simple iconography, voice-over work and custom music selections.


Dynamic text animations, stylized 2D and vector icons overlaid with voice over and custom music selection. This product is great for telling a visual story using stylized, branded animation. 


Fully dynamic vector animations, including text, detailed icons and basic characters with voiceover and music. This product allows for more nuanced and in-depth visual storytelling than a silver animation.


A premium animation that includes dynamic text and vector animation, interactive character animation and 3D elements with voiceover and music. This product is ideal for converting highly complex processes and product life cycles, and for telling more elaborate, stylized, visual stories.  

Video Content: On-Location

Polished, promotional videos that let you tell your story in your own space. These videos are often a first touch point for potential clients, and are crucial to building and maintaining brand awareness.

Graphics Package Template 

A brand template used for all video edits Brafton creates to ensure brand consistency on deliverables.

Ingest Fee 

Covers the time spent uploading, rendering, compiling and organizing video footage.

On-Location Day Rate

Travel Fees and Expenses

Actor fees

Video Content: Studio

Social Media Packages

  • 20 Images that can be repurposed across multiple/all platforms.
  • 20 Posts that can be repurposed across all platforms.
  • Reporting
    Included for 1 Network | 3 Units per each additional Network
  • 2 Hours of Follower Pushes
    +4 Units per Network
  • 1 Hour of Community Management
    +2 Units per Hour per Network
  • 20 Posts | 10 Units
  • 10 Images | 10 Units
  • 4 Boosted Posts | 4 Units
    A LinkedIn boosted post is typically promoted across 4 days at a recommended spend of $25 per day ($100 total). If you choose not to boost posts, these units can be reallocated toward other social offerings for the month. 
  • Monthly Reporting | 3 Units 
  • 2 Hours of Follower Pushes | 4 Units
  • 1 Hour of Community Management | 2 Units
  • 20 Posts | 10 Units
  • 20 Images | 20 Units
  • All Posts Sent to Stories | 2 Units
  • 4 Boosted Posts | 4 Units
    Recommended paid spend of $25-$50 per boosted post ($100-$200/month). If you choose not to boost posts, these units can be reallocated toward other social offerings for the month. 
  • 8 Custom Stories | 8 Units
  • Monthly Reporting | 3 Units
  • 2 Hours of Follower Pushes | 4 Units
  • 1 Hour of Community Management | 2 Units
  • 20 Posts | 10 Units
  • 10 Images | 10 Units
  • 4 Boosted Posts | 4 Units
    Recommended paid spend of $25-$50 per boosted post ($100-$200/month). If you choose not to boost posts, these units can be reallocated toward other social offerings for the month.
  • Monthly Reporting | 3 Units 
  • 1 Hour of Follower Pushes | 2 Units
  • 1 Hour of Community Management | 2 Units
  • 20 Tweets | 10 Units
  • 10 Images | 10 Units
  • 4 Promoted Tweets | 4 Units
    Recommended paid spend of $25-$50 per boosted post ($100-$200/month). If you choose not to promote Tweets, these units can be reallocated toward other social offerings for the month.
  • Monthly Reporting | 3 Units 
  • 1 Hour of Follower Pushes | 2 Units
  • 1 Hour of Community Management | 2 Units
  • 20 Pins | 10 Units
  • 20 Images | 20 Units
  • 4 Promoted Pins | 4 Units
    Recommended paid spend of $25-$50 per boosted post ($100-$200/month). If you choose not to promote Pins, these units can be reallocated toward other social offerings for the month.
  • Monthly Reporting | 3 Units 
  • 2 Hours of Follower Pushes | 4 Units
  • 1 Hour of Community Management | 2 Units

À la Carte Social Media (Organic)

À la Carte Social Media (Paid)

An organic post that is promoted to a targeted audience via a typically smaller amount of paid spend. Boosted posts help increase reach and engagement beyond a profile’s existing followers.

A Facebook boosted post is typically promoted across 4 days at a recommended spend of $25-50 per boosted post.

An Instagram boosted post is typically promoted across 4 days at a recommended spend of $25-50 per boosted post.

A LinkedIn boosted post is typically promoted across 4 days at a recommended spend of $25 per day ($100 total).

A promoted Pin is typically promoted across 4 days at a recommended spend of $25-50 per promoted Pin.

A promoted Tweet is typically promoted across 4 days at a recommended spend of $25-50 per promoted Tweet.

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing involves creating, testing and sending emails to current and potential customers with the goal of increasing brand awareness, driving engagement, nurturing leads or making a sale. 

Email marketing is the most personalized, intimate form of communication with your audience. Brafton’s Email Marketing Strategists work with you, and the rest of your Brafton team, to develop and execute strategies that play to email’s strength as a channel, and help serve your bigger, more holistic marketing goals. This includes collaborating with Brafton writers and designers to create click-worthy email content. Email campaign types we work on include: 

  • Product Promotion.
  • Co-Marketing Emails.
  • Trigger Emails.
  • New Content Announcements.
  • Internal Announcements. 
  • Transactional.
  • Welcome and Lead Nurturing.

SEO Services

Technical SEO Reporting and Analysis includes a site crawl, SEO-performance scorecard, comprehensive error analysis, and prioritization along with actionable recommended fixes. A Brafton SEO specialist will evaluate technical site performance, metadata, and site structure issues that impact both the site user experience and SEO.

A healthy site is an imperative foundation for any marketing strategy. Brafton SEO specialists can provide in-depth site analysis, fixes and maintenance that will ensure your site content is well-structured to perform well on search. 

  • Link structure analysis, adjustment and optimization.
  • Meta data analysis and updates. 
  • Site mapping analysis and adjustment.
  • Back-end technical SEO work.

A thorough analysis of SEO data and performance metrics for a selection of key pages, the SEO Content Audit is an ideal method for identifying opportunities for optimization across an organization’s most important web pages. The final deliverable, the SEO Core Pages Dashboard, provides a thorough analysis of SEO data and performance metrics, including keyword rankings, CTR, content score, search intent and more. The SEO Core Pages Dashboard also includes specific, actionable SEO recommendations for each page, such as a title tag update, revising the copy to target an alternative keyword, and more — all based on analysis of the data included in the Dashboard. 

Brafton can also perform an SEO Core Pages Data Refresh to update the data and recommendations for these core pages ad hoc or with regularity, to ensure that we continue to monitor and optimize SEO performance.

Our content marketing strategists (CMS) conduct in-depth keyword research to understand your industry’s keyword universe, and to develop a list of ideal keyword targets curated for your company. From there, your dedicated CMS works closely with our editorial team to develop data-led, on-page content with a high probability of earning a Page 1 ranking.

A Brafton consultant will identify available business profiles and edit, create, or take ownership of profiles and provide the appropriate recommendations, guidelines, and best practices for the ongoing management and update of that content for effective local SEO. Directories include GMB, Bing, Clutch, Gartner, and many more.

UX & Brand Experiences Services

While user experience (UX) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) are essential aspects of the entirety of any given website, they take on outsized importance on key pages—such as service/product pages, contact us pages, the homepage, and more.

To ensure that the most important pages on a company’s website are optimized for user experience and conversions, Brafton can provide page-specific UX/CRO audits. These can focus on a singular landing page or a swath of the site’s architecture. In all such projects, Brafton will utilize a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis to provide observations, insights, and recommendations to improve the UX and/or CRO of the selected pages.

Even the most well-designed, high-functioning page with effective, intuitive calls to action and navigation will have room for improvement.

For any organization focused on conversion rate optimization (CRO), active and ongoing A/B Testing is essential. Brafton’s A/B Testing service ensures that one or more A/B tests are running at all times, collecting data that can lead to informed decisions around everything from page structure to CTA text and beyond.

Brafton’s UX team will ideate A/B tests, implement the tests, monitor and collect data, conduct analysis, and provide final recommendations based on the quantifiable results achieved.

A website heatmap tracks and visualizes the actual activity of site visitors—each mouse movement, click and scroll. By implementing and analyzing heatmaps on one or more web pages, Brafton’s UX team can provide insights and recommendations for changes to implement on the page to improve conversion rate optimization or broader user experience.

When considering whether or how to modify an existing website, there is no replacement for actual user data. With Brafton’s Website User Testing service, we can custom build user or usability testing scenarios, facilitate the actual user experience in a controlled environment, and gather data and observations from these sessions.

User/usability testing can focus on ease of navigation, efficacy of content or design, brand recognition and much more. Users can be sourced by either Brafton or our clients. In all scenarios, the final output is a formal report detailing Brafton’s insights and recommendations, all based on this real, first-hand data

A business’ website is only as effective as the user experience (UX) it provides. All other marketing efforts are likely to struggle, no matter how well-executed, if users are directed to a website that is hard to use, visually unappealing, structurally confusing or that otherwise fails to cater to their needs.

Brafton’s UX Consulting team can provide detailed analysis and actionable recommendations to enhance both the UX and conversion rate optimization (CRO) across the entirety of an organization’s website. This wide-ranging Website Usability and Efficacy Audit will include a wide array of quantitative and qualitative analysis. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Site performance data (page speed loading, user accessibility score, etc.).
  • Information Architecture (IA) analysis.
  • Customer journey mapping.
  • User/usability testing.
  • Heatmapping analysis.
  • Adherence to UX/CRO best practices.

The final deliverable is a detailed report detailing Brafton’s observations, insights, and recommendations for next steps to improve the website’s UX/CRO.

To fully optimize a website for the best possible user experience as well as conversion rate optimization, you need to conceptualize your user’s needs, challenges, and objectives, and how these considerations map on to the website experience provided. This understanding can then inform decisions around site architecture, site navigation, page structure, and page content. Critically, organizations with multiple distinct audience personas may need to account for multiple user journeys, each of which warrants consideration.

Brafton’s User Journey Mapping service utilizes both analytics data and years of UX experience to visually represent the journey a potential customer typically follows when visiting a given website. This analysis ultimately culminates in a visual representation of the user journey along with identification of blockers or other missed opportunities and actionable recommendations for changes or tests to implement to deliver a more effective user journey.

The overall efficacy of a website isn’t just a question of the content and structure of each individual page—it also depends on the actual architecture of the website as a whole. If pages are not organized in a coherent, easy-to-understand way, users may struggle to find the information they’re looking for or remain unaware of the valuable, useful information that is available. This in turn hurts conversion rate optimization (CRO) as well as the user experience (UX).

Brafton’s Information Architecture (IA) Audit product provides a comprehensive analysis of the overarching structure of a website. This analysis may include, but is not limited to:

  • The content and structure of navigation menus, including the primary nav, global nav, and page-specific nav as applicable.
  • Categorization of site content, as well as ease of understanding this categorization.
  • URL structure and its relation to actual site organization.
  • Page/content hierarchy and organization.

A website redesign is a comprehensive update of your site’s design, usability and functionality to increase conversions, engagement, and traffic –  including search engine optimization. This product Involves a combination of strategic guidance, design, development and editorial work, and it can be delivered fully custom or template-based.

  • Mobile optimization.
  • Conversion rate optimization.
  • Site architecture analysis & adjustment.
  • Design best practices analysis & adjustment.
  • User testing.
  • Blog redesign and optimization.
  • Landing page design and development.
  • Resource center creation or redesign.

To stand out among the massive quantities of content across the internet, businesses must develop unique, compelling assets—especially given the advent of AI-generated content. Original Research Surveys offer the opportunity to produce just such assets.

These surveys produce data that is not available anywhere else, allowing organizations to create content that truly stands out and provides insights that are genuinely of interest. This can lead to the creation of a breadth of content: white papers, eBooks, reports, guides, blogs, infographics, emails, social media posts, and more.

Brafton can craft and execute surveys that are specifically designed to produce noteworthy data and insights, which can then serve as fuel for a much larger marketing engine. Brafton can provide or facilitate survey ideation, question creation, survey programming, respondent selection, survey distribution/execution, and data collection and analysis. The final deliverable is typically a report detailing the most noteworthy findings from the survey, which can then be used for all types of marketing content creation.

Digital PR is a key component of any brand awareness strategy. Brafton’s Digital Public Relations services focus on two aspects of PR: Press releases and sponsored posting.

Press Releases: Brafton can facilitate a broad distribution of a press release across news wires as well as develop and execute more focused, customized press release dissemination to a targeted audience of journalists and publishers. In both cases, Brafton can craft the press release itself as well as facilitate distribution.

Sponsored Posting: Sponsored posts offer a powerful mechanism for sharing a brand’s vision and positioning to a relevant audience in an authoritative, controlled manner. Brafton can research the most relevant, viable publications, produce the content, and facilitate the communication with the selected publication.

For businesses looking to make informed marketing decisions around audience targeting, channel selection and other key decisions, a survey of carefully selected respondents can provide invaluable quantitative insights.

Brafton, working closely with our participant sourcing partners, can provide or facilitate survey ideation, question creation, survey programming, respondent selection, survey distribution and execution, and data collection and analysis. The final deliverable is typically a report detailing the most noteworthy findings from the survey, which can then be used for business decision-making.

Market Research Focus Groups, much like surveys, can provide invaluable insights that both inform business decisions and serve as the raw material for a wide array of marketing content creation.

Unlike surveys, Market Research Focus Groups provide the opportunity to ask follow-up questions as well as tactically pivot to a different line of questions based on the nature of the input provided by individual participants. This qualitative data can allow for a more nuanced, in-depth analysis of key business questions, and also presents the opportunity for quick show-of-hand polls to glean attitudes across small groups.

Brafton can provide or facilitate focus-group discussion ideation, question creation, respondent selection, moderation of the actual focus group discussion, notetaking and data collection, and analysis. The final deliverable is typically a report detailing the most noteworthy findings from the focus group, which can then be used for business decision-making, marketing content creation, or both.

Consistent branding is essential for effective marketing across multiple channels, but such consistency can be difficult to achieve—especially for organizations with multiple stakeholders and/or distinct teams contributing to separate marketing endeavors.

Brafton’s Brand Messaging Guide is designed to address these concerns. The Brand Messaging Guide is a succinct, authoritative document affirming and establishing the tone and style along with key talking points which should be followed by anyone creating marketing materials—whether those stakeholders are within the company, with Brafton, or with another third party. The ultimate goal of the guide is to serve as a governance tool, establishing a clear, easy-to-follow distillation of the company’s ideal approach to all brand messaging.

Your Brafton team will conduct interviews with your internal staff and several existing clients (if available) to develop up to five buyer personas. At the end of this process, you’ll have polished buyer personas presented in a formatted PDF. Each persona answers all of the questions below (plus persona-specific data points we glean during our research process):

  • What actions might this person typically take following a positive interface with your brand?
  • What influence might this person have over the decision maker?
  • What pain points would a strong campaign address for this person?
  • What messages resonate with this person?
  • At which stage in the funnel (Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Decision) might this person engage?

Through which channels and platforms can you best reach this person?

Online reviews and ratings are among the most prominent demonstrations of a brand’s reputation. And while this user feedback stems primarily from the quality of the products or services provided, the way in which a company responds—or doesn’t respond—to its users reviews and ratings can also substantially impact the brand’s perception.

Brafton’s Online Reputation Managed and Review Response services help to ensure that all reviews and ratings—good, bad, or mixed—receive a timely response and, when necessary, next steps (such as outreach from a customer service team) is put in motion. Brafton can execute these responses, track and report on the quantity and quality of reviews/ratings, and also support in the encouragement of more review generation to further enhance a brand’s reputation.

YouTube is widely considered the second largest search engine on the internet, after only Google. It’s an invaluable platform for sharing compelling, engaging video content. But it’s also an extremely competitive space, especially for businesses.

Brafton’s YouTube Consulting services provide actionable recommendations for all aspects of YouTube marketing, including content gap analysis, playlist organization, SEO considerations and video style. While each YouTube Consulting package is custom quoted, our typical process consists of three phases:

  • Channel Analysis: A thorough review of our client’s existing YouTube channel, including the type and nature of the videos present, the organization of those videos, and analytics around performance.
  • Competitor Analysis: An examination of several competitors’ YouTube channels, with a focus on correlation between performance and video content, as well as content topic considerations.
  • YouTube Roadmap: A final deliverable that combines insights from both the Channel Analysis and Competitor Analysis to provide an actionable roadmap for improved YouTube performance.

PPC Services

An in-depth analysis of the current state of your paid search efforts. This comprehensive analysis includes review and recommendations concerning:

  • Account structure.
  • Budget management.
  • Keyword utilization. 
  • Ad copy and design. 
  • Affiliated landing pages. 
  • Goal/conversion setup. 
  • Analysis of up to 5 major competitors’ paid search efforts. 

Monthly PPC Management Pricing is based on how much of your monthly paid media spend our PPC specialists manage. See the breakdown below:

Monthly Paid Media Spend (USD)


$5,000 – $9,999

$10,000 – $50,000


Monthly Management Fee

10 Units

15 Units

15% of Spend Amount

Custom Quoted

Provided by our dedicated in-house strategists, our paid search services ensure your ad spend delivers actual return on investment. We go beyond vanity metrics to ensure that every aspect of your campaigns — from ad group structure to keyword strategy to bid management — is geared toward a true ROAS, delivering consistent, real value for your organization. This offering includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ad account setup and support.
  • Ad copy support and creation.
  • Keyword research (search specifically).
  • Campaign and structure support.
  • Budget pacing/ management.
  • Monthly reporting.
  • Ongoing analysis and optimization.

The primary channels we support include, but are not limited to, the following: Google Ads, Microsoft Bing, Google Display Network, YouTube, Programmatic, etc.

Paid Search Management
Our paid search specialists set strategic goals based on your business objectives, such as brand awareness and lead generation, and then create custom campaigns to help you achieve those goals. We manage and optimize those campaigns on an ongoing basis to improve performance and optimize allocate budgets to optimize cost-effectiveness. The primary search networks we work with are Google Ads, and Microsoft Ads.  

Attribution Tracking
We can leverage Google Click Identifiers (GCLID) and other software to attribute ROI from Google Ads campaigns directly to company revenue, and even track that revenue back to a specific campaign, keyword, timeframe and more. This helps us improve campaigns each month to optimize ROI, or even target specific types of sales within the company. 

Display Ads
We manage display ad campaigns across multiple networks including, but not limited to, Google Display, AdRoll and YouTube. Display ads can be a powerful way to extend brand reach, capture emails using downloadable content and generated leads.   

Our PPC strategists can help your business target users who have already visited your site. We can run finely-tuned retargeting campaigns across multiple search and display networks to help keep your brand top of mind among qualified web users. 

Technical Support & Development

Brafton’s technical development team is available for project or task-specific website support work on an hourly basis. 

Our technical services team can provide a variety of technical and development support services, focused on making ad hoc changes to your website. We cover a broad range of CMS platforms on a daily basis, and can help remotely manage your website.

These support services include:

  • Manually uploading content — such as uploading eBooks or white papers to an asset library and creating an internal link within a resource section, or copying text to existing pages and blog posts.
  • Ad hoc website changes — such as updating images, logos, hyperlinks, colors, fonts, etc.
  • Set up DNS records, such as creating CNAME, A, SPF or any other records required for third-party integrations with platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce, Marketo. Etc.


  • Check WordPress for any minor updates and update accordingly.
  • Check WordPress for any major updates and update after full DB backup.
  • Quarterly backups of wp-content folder and DB Backup
    • This may be accomplished by daily backup offered by hosting.
  • Update compatible WordPress plugins and troubleshoot and backup of previous version for incompatibility issues.


  • Check Drupal for any minor updates and update accordingly.
  • Check Drupal for any major updates and update after full DB backup.
  • Quarterly backups of site and DB Backup.
  • Update compatible drupal modules with backup of previous version.

Our experienced and knowledgeable technical support team can help diagnose and solve issues with your website. These issues include, but are certainly not limited to: 

  • Forms not submitting correctly.
  • Errors displaying on your site.
  • Images not loading.
  • Website not responding or experiencing prolonged downtime.

If diagnosis indicates a systemic problem requiring a more complex solution, we will advise on the anticipated cost for this, provided via a custom quote.

Core Web Vitals are a set of user-focused metrics designed to measure a site’s health on both desktop and mobile in terms of providing a smooth and seamless user experience. They include:

  • Content loading speed.
  • Interactivity.
  • Visual stability.

Our specialists can audit your site’s Core Web Vitals, and provide our evaluation in a report, along with our recommendations for how to improve them. Addressing issues in a timely manner will contribute positively to Page Experience score, which contributes to your site’s overall rankings.