A call to action is an element of a marketing campaign that entices, persuades or otherwise invites a site visitor to take a specific action. The action can refer to making a purchase, requesting more information, subscribing to newsletters and a number of other business goals.

Calls to action are typically placed on every piece of marketing material, including every page of a website. With web marketing, CTAs typically come in the form of buttons and links that direct people to click or act as hoped.

Calls to action are vitally important as they provide a quick and easy means for prospects to convert. Ensuring that the process is as simple and convenient as possible will help prevent prospects from abandoning a purchase.

Ultimately, placing calls to action in marketing emails, on social pages, on (or within) content marketing pages on a website and in other marketing initiatives maximizes the opportunities for audiences to convert. Internet marketing campaigns that compel site visitors to click through a website to info-rich conversion pages.

Optimal call to action language and content

The abandonment rate, the frequency with which prospects begin to convert and then change their mind, is something that businesses in every sector struggle with. Lengthy or diluted transaction processes are a proven to be a top factor contributing to abandonment rates, according to a study from geocart.com.

Whether the goal is to get prospects to fill out a form or make an actual purchase, it’s generally advised that marketers do not ask prospects for more information than is absolutely necessary to complete the exchange. Additionally, straightforward language that invites users to “learn more,” “download now,” “contact us,” “subscribe,” “get examples,” “shop now,” etc. may be most effective. Anchor text in links pointing to conversion pages should clearly define the linked page as well.

Frequently updating calls to action with contextual language and safeguarding against functionality problems is also key. A 404 message or broken link is more than enough to convince a prospect to avoid action or, worse, go with a competitor. The geocart.com survey shows nearly one in ten consumers have abandoned transactions because of technical problems.

Here are two examples of how we’ve helped clients improve Calls to Action: