Link building refers to the process of generating links back to a business’ website throughout the web. The tactic is a critical component of SEO campaigns, as websites that receive frequent links are likely to be more credible and of a higher quality, and links contribute to search ranking.

Inbound links can come from  a variety of sources, including social media networks, business websites, blogs or any other website. While using a social media marketing campaign, businesses will likely link to their website content from their accounts. This is just one of many practices businesses use to improve the amount of inbound links their website has. Aside from the content shared by the company itself, businesses with compelling articles and posts will see their content retweeted on Twitter, shared on Google+ and Facebook or referenced (with accompanying links) on other pages throughout the web.

Content marketing for link building

Google says that the best approach for building merit-based inbound links is, “Creating unique and compelling content on your site and across the web in general.”