Imagine this: You hear about this great new social media site that promises to overtake Facebook in user-ship, so you head to the platform to sign up, only to be greeted by a lengthy form requesting your personal information. Annoying, right? That’s where social logins come in – they help consumers bypass registration forms by using existing accounts.

In fact, 87 percent of people admit they’ve come across social logins before – you’ve likely run into them yourself – and the technology helps webmasters increase lead generation. As internet users actively avoid filling out registration forms, and they regret having to manage several distinct usernames and passwords, social logins have become the standard and popular way to streamline web presences.

As a society, consumers have embraced social media. They’ve created online representations of themselves as a way to interact with other people and brands via the web. When users can quickly connect with new websites through social logins, both brands and prospects can skip the boring “getting to know each other through standardized forms,” and get straight to the romance.