SEO Content Writing Services Salinas

Agriculture and Packaging 

From Taylor Farms and Dole Fresh Vegetables to Tanimura & Antle and Mann™, Salinas is a hotspot for agriculture and fresh produce. SEO content writing services could help these kinds of companies share product information, answer top questions and appeal to B2B and B2C audiences with different keywords. All it takes is a little research on potential customers and a lot of engaging content creation.


Salinas is home to national and local finance companies, which means any SEO service that intends to succeed in this industry needs to have a keen eye for strategy and relevance. Content writing must be accessible, accurate and engaging even as it juggles highly regulated information — and on top of that, website content should be easy to use for B2B and B2C customers.


It may not be Silicon Valley, but Salinas has its own niche tech scene serving the city’s agricultural spirit, including HeavyConnect and Farmwise. Topics in this industry are highly talked about, which creates a lot of competition on search engine results pages (SERPs) — so Salinas tech companies need SEO content writing services to rise above the noise and hit that top spot.

Health Care

From the smallest local doctor’s office to the largest hospital, all Salinas health care organizations can benefit from content writing. It’s not just about improving brand awareness and reaching potential customers; it’s about delivering value to patients who require it.

Every business could benefit from content writing. Having a content writer team at your disposal means you’ll never agonize over another email, blog post or press release. Our experts do their own research and interview your subject matter experts to get an in-depth understanding of your industry — then, using their experience in storytelling and marketing, they craft engaging, valuable website content. They also work together to edit and proofread content in multiple rounds to ensure it meets your standards (and a search engine’s).

Our SEO content writing services include:

  • Topics and pitches.
  • Blog posts.
  • Email subject lines, preview text and body copy.
  • Infographics.
  • eBooks.
  • White papers.
  • Press releases.
  • Interactive quizzes.
  • Social media content.
  • Video scripts.
  • And more.

On top of all that, our writers are trained in SEO best practices and have a team of strategists backing them up. Their goal is to craft content that rises up that SERP and earns clicks that could potentially become leads.

Our graphic design content creation teams are visual storytellers. From choosing and editing photographs to breathing life into incredible illustrations, these experts can add color and creativity to all your website content.

We offer graphic design for:

  • eBooks.
  • White papers.
  • Infographics.
  • And more.

This all helps support SEO through captions, alt text and more — plus, a search engine may rank your page higher if you have a healthy mix of visual and written content.

All of this new website content will need a home — and that’s where our web design services come in. We’ll help make your site stand out from the crowd — not just to potential customers but to search engines, too. Plus, our technical SEO specialists can make sure your website runs quickly and smoothly for better search results.

Email marketing is the perfect home for optimized content. First and foremost, you need a content writer who knows how to make a clear, convincing point in as few words as possible. You want to keep your readers’ attention from the subject line to the call to action (CTA) — and our writers can make it happen.

Of course, emails are a great home for your other written and designed content, too. Our strategists help you decide whether to use a blog post or landing page link as a CTA, direct traffic to a new explainer video or embed an infographic.

Social media is another channel where brevity counts — and our writers are up to the challenge. With support from our social strategists and graphic designers, these experts create posts and images to catch your followers’ eyes (and their short attention spans, too). This is also a great chance to showcase SEO content, such as blogs and videos, driving more traffic to your site while increasing engagement on your post.

To put PPC to work for you, our content writers study the art of making an impact. They often write multiple versions of the same headlines or body copy to see what works best; with help from strategy and SEO experts, they’ll base their recommendations on what has worked best in the past based on Google Analytics and A/B tests.

Google Analytics Monitoring

Google Analytics tells the story of your content on this particular search engine. Our experts study this data to better understand how our writing performs, what changes must be made and which habits show the best results. We use Google Analytics to build and inform every little part of your content marketing strategy, from planning to performance tracking.

SEO Scores

An SEO score is a measurement of how your site appeals to a search engine. We keep track of this score to learn about all the elements that impact your SEO rankings, including our content writing. We’ll turn this data into actionable insights to guide our recommendations on structure, content types and more.

Ongoing Guidance

At Brafton, you’ll have a content marketing strategist and account manager on your team. These experts work with our writers (and other content creation teams) to ensure we always align with your tone and voice guidelines, meet necessary due dates, deliver high-quality content and check all the boxes that improve SEO scores.

This is the recipe for SEO content writing services Chicago businesses need — and we should know. Aside from being digital marketing experts, we’ve also lived and worked in the Windy City, delivering services for local companies just like yours.