Content Creation for Tulsa Businesses in All Industries

Here’s a more salient example: That case study you saw a sales team from a competitor showing off to prospective clients? Just before your meeting with the same lead? Putting that study together was also content creation. And your competitor might have had an edge you didn’t because of it.

That’s the content creation your company needs: High-quality marketing assets that showcase your brand and indicate what it represents. 

Sometimes, this is done directly, like the example above. Other times it’s a more indirect approach, like an eye-catching infographic that features startling statistics on a seriously relevant issue to your industry. The company that commissioned this graphic for their marketing campaign might be barely featured; a name in a top or bottom corner. But if it was genuinely engaging content, it would successfully get the viewer thinking. If they’re thinking, they might click on a “Learn More” button and fill out a contact form or check off a box next to the words “I agree to receive email marketing offers…” This slowly gets them in the loop.

The Brafton content writing team works to spin the written word into tangible marketing results. Our writers’ efforts typically start with search engine optimization (SEO) analysis to determine the keywords and topics most relevant to your industry, in conjunction with our content marketing strategists and other service experts (more on them later). After all, driving clients to rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs) is critical for helping them reach commercial goals. 

But SEO alone won’t get you there, and every content writer on our team knows that. The writing also has to be compelling, high-quality and informative. Whether they’re ready to go down the sales funnel right now or not, the reader should feel like they’ve engaged with valuable content. That’s the only way any reader can turn into a lead or customer.

At Brafton, we tailor the well-researched content writing we produce for every client to meet their unique needs. We can be witty, formal, succinct, detail-rich or any combination thereof — and then some. This applies whether we’re creating industry-analysis white papers, thought-leadership blogs, case studies, product landing pages or writing in any number of other formats.

Even the most complex information and subject matter can be visually represented in one way or another. Our graphic design team knows how to do just that — the “one way,” the “another” and every way in between.

When you add visually rich and attention-grabbing assets to your content strategy, you maximize its potential to boost multiple ROI metrics. Simple as that. This doesn’t just mean infographics. Any visually enriched content asset has value: formatted white papers, case studies or eBooks, custom illustrations, interactive user experience (UX) features and more.

Think of all those sayings about first impressions. They apply to business websites in our digital age: It’s the first way for them to get any sense of your brand identity and take a look at your offerings. If your website is unappealing, confusing or malfunctioning, that might be enough to discourage them.

Our web design team is experienced and flexible. If a site health check brings up functionality issues that are discouraging visitors, we help you correct them. We can also help make a good website better: Whether on our own or with your in-house team, we work to tangibly improve navigation, page speed, interactivity and other site KPIs.

The Brafton social media team works with you to get the content we’ve created in front of your target audience via every social media platform that’s relevant to them: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and so on. 

Our social experts conduct detailed social media content performance analysis to determine the right messaging to accompany your marketing assets and adjust as needed. Also, we’ll identify any channels you could potentially see notable gains from but aren’t currently using, and help you establish a presence there.

Email can easily be one of your most effective lead generation channels. Take some well-crafted subject lines, a campaign strategically aligned around a relevant theme and a strong set of content assets, and you’ve got a recipe for increased brand awareness.

Our email marketing team doesn’t just work to increase your mailing-list subscribers. We also work to categorize leads into specific demographics similar to your typical customers. Then, we tailor additional, more targeted campaigns to them. In conjunction with efforts by other Brafton marketing teams, this boosts the chances of meeting ROI goals.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising comes with a little extra cost (it’s in the name). But the prime placement it offers your webpages in SERPs can be an invaluable boost to any content creation and marketing strategy. The value it offers as an analysis tool — tracking the performance of campaigns, which can help further shape marketing efforts as results dictate — doubles its importance.

Brafton’s record of PPC success has earned us the distinction of being a Google Premier Partner and a Microsoft Advertising Agency Partner.