Washington, DC Content Creation Services

Some folks just think of Capitol Hill when they hear “Washington, D.C.” But a lot of industries actively seek the proximity to government agencies and research institutions. They may not be material for the next Netflix political thriller series, but they certainly are for raging marketing campaigns. After all, Washington has seen substantial growth in tech startups, cybersecurity, life sciences and renewable energy.

Every player in every industry needs an edge, and content marketing can be yours. But you need content to market before you can start marketing with content as your centerpiece. Ergo: content creation services.

Content Creation Defined

The term “content creation” means so many things to so many people. People who make videos for YouTube, TikTok and other social media outlets often call themselves content creators. The host of a podcast might do the same. 

Contrarily, plenty of those who work for content creation services providers might not self-identify using that term but instead say “content writer,” “content marketer,” “graphic designer” and so on. But all of these people are content creators in some way. They all create things that other individuals are meant to engage with.

All quality marketing content tells a story in some way, but content writing is arguably the most direct. When one of our writers produces a content asset, you can be confident that it has a cohesive A-to-B-to-Z narrative. Content writing can tell key parts of your company’s story directly (e.g., with a product landing page or case study) or indirectly, through thought-leadership blogs covering key industry issues.

All Brafton content writing is well-researched, and it’s often informed by keyword research centered around terms and topics that will help you rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs), increase traffic, boost conversions and reach other ROI metrics. In addition to the examples cited above, our writers can create white papers, eBooks, sales sheets, email copy, video scripts and much more.

Your website functions as your digital storefront whether you process transactions there or not. Brafton’s experienced team of web designers will help improve the layout, navigation, functionality, speed, searchability and appearance of any page on your site to provide visiting leads (and existing customers) with a better browsing experience.

Our web designers keep SEO and UX concerns top of mind when creating or improving your pages. We also run a site health check when the process starts so we know exactly what the most pressing issues are. 

Visual media doesn’t have to be moving pictures to be a dynamic and powerful contributor to content marketing campaign goals. In fact, designs such as those produced by Brafton’s graphics team are even easier to share via email marketing and social media channels. And because emails and social posts with embedded graphics load faster than those with attached videos, there’s less chance that the recipient will grow impatient and click away.

Infographics are among the most popular design content assets due to their aforementioned shareability and capacity for turning complex information into attention-grabbing data points or statistics. If they’re somehow interactive, even better. But that’s still just the tip of the design iceberg. Our designers also create custom illustrations, visual formatting for white papers and eBooks, UX designs and more.

Using marketing automation tools and industry best practices, our social media team identifies the platforms best suited for distributing your marketing content and ensures it’s steadily posted. We also devise clever, engaging summaries that attract the clicks of the curious as they browse Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other channels.

As a Google Premier Partner and a Microsoft Advertising Agency Partner, we’ve proven our ability to produce concrete ROI through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Although PPC may ultimately cost a little extra compared to other marketing channels, it also all but guarantees favorable placement on search engines. Brafton’s PPC team can spread the reach of oft-clicked ads beyond any one platform by using retargeting tools.

Search engine optimization (SEO) factors heavily into content creation, especially for written content. But Brafton also offers various SEO services either a la carte, like one-time SEO audits, or as part of your ongoing inbound marketing strategy. Our SEO team’s campaigns can be local or national, on-page or off-page, organic or paid — you name it, it’s in our catalog.