Professional SEO Services

If potential customers can’t find your business online, you’ve already lost the inbound marketing battle. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of ensuring your website is configured to appeal to search engine algorithms, which can help you rank higher in search results.

Brafton professional SEO services increase your brand’s visibility and presence on leading search engines, driving more qualified visitors to your website.

What Does SEO Really Mean?

Driving organic traffic to your site fuels inbound sales opportunities, but potential customers need to be able to find your pages first. They’ll do this using search engines to look up key terms that relate to their needs (and, if your SEO strategy is on point, your business). If your website shows up on the first page for these queries, you have a much greater chance of capturing their attention and nurturing those leads to become happy customers.

For any of this to happen, it’s essential that your website is fine-tuned to meet search engine ranking criteria.

A search engine, like Google or Bing, uses algorithms to determine which web pages provide the most comprehensive answers and the best online experience. Search engines use “crawlers” to evaluate web pages based on the words used on the page, elements such as images and videos, and hidden information such as meta descriptions, headings using H1-H6 tags, image alt text and more.

A comprehensive SEO strategy takes all of these factors and more into account, giving your pages the best opportunity to rank for relevant keywords and phrases in search. It keeps your business ahead of the game, accounting for new updates and developments that affect your online presence.

Pay-per-click vs Organic SEO

Organic SEO optimises web pages and uses other techniques to attract visitors to your website. The pay-per-click (PPC) model uses paid ads that display at the top and bottom of Google search results and on other web pages to drive traffic to you at a price. Both definitely have their advantages when it comes to boosting your web presence. Live PPC ads work almost instantly and don’t require the waiting game associated with organic SEO. The potential for visitors is limited to the amount you spend, however, unlike SEO, which has unlimited potential when done effectively. Your SEO specialist at Brafton can work with you to deliver a mix of both organic and paid search engine optimisation so you can see the biggest return on your investment in the shortest time possible.

Organic SEO for Every Business

Some marketers say organic SEO is free, which makes it ideal for businesses with tight marketing budgets. While it’s true that organic SEO doesn’t come with a specific price tag, it does require time, energy and know-how. Through Brafton’s SEO services, companies of all sizes and purposes can take advantage of our expertise to bolster their online presence while staying within their marketing budget.

We have a variety of professional SEO services that fit every budget. Our specialists have expertise in all aspects of digital marketing and SEO. From content marketing to social engagement to site performance optimisation, we give businesses — from SMBs to large enterprises — the support they need to shine in search engine rankings.

Small Business SEO

Affordable SEO services can be a major boon for small businesses, especially those with tight marketing budgets. SEO service providers support small businesses in establishing a strong online presence, bringing qualified traffic to their pages and increasing their qualified leads.

At Brafton, we’re well-equipped to give your small business the attention and support it needs to flourish. Our professional SEO services help your company grow by increasing your share of the digital marketing ecosystem — all while providing website, email and social media content that creates real value for your customers. The result is a long-term relationship that grows and changes with you, helping your organisation become the best it can be — even when you’re up against rising customer expectations and stiff competition.

Enterprise SEO

Organisations with a bigger team and a larger online presence can often become thwarted by the sheer amount of content to optimise. Contrary to popular belief, enterprises don’t have it easier just because they have more pages on their website. It takes a specific style of strategies to boost and maintain web traffic to every page, focusing on your unique keywords that will outperform the competition and get your organisation at the top of Page 1 of search results. 

With numerous — sometimes thousands — of pages to keep updated and optimised, strategies that work for small business SEO won’t necessarily be successful in scaling larger enterprises. The keywords you’re targeting are going to be highly competitive and require an expert team of SEO managers who can handle the complexity of your current web authority and pinpoint the exact strategy that will work.

International Business SEO

If your target audience encompasses a wide range of people from around the world, made up of their own languages, colloquialisms and subject matter context, international SEO focuses on optimising your website for the countries and languages you want to reach. Unlike local SEO, which targets your nearby city or state, international business SEO thinks much wider. 

To succeed in global business SEO, Brafton’s dedicated SEO experts will configure your website so it indicates to search engines for the audiences you want to reach. The same keywords won’t work in every country because their relevance and search frequency will be different. Brafton uses strict and advanced methods to determine which keywords are suitable for your organisation in each country, region and language. Then, we’ll build original, quality content and utilise other proven SEO techniques that will attract each audience to your website.

Technical SEO

There are a lot of back-end issues that inform your website’s online presence and search ranking. Some of these factors relate to user experience and would be readily apparent to any visitor. Others, however, impact a search engine’s ability to crawl your site — and those issues may not be as visible to the untrained eye.

Brafton SEO experts run comprehensive site audits to check for these issues and help optimise your website to realise its full online potential. Some of the most important SEO technical factors our SEO specialists look for include:

  • Site speed.
  • Responsive design.
  • Crawlability.
  • Site architecture.
  • Indexing.

If there is a technical SEO problem that is affecting your search result ranking, our SEO experts will find it.

Making updates to your site has the added benefit of improving user engagement and keeping visitors on the page. Conducting an SEO audit on a regular basis will boost both your site performance and your search ranking

Local SEO

Businesses that rely on local customers to drive sales and revenue (retailers with brick-and-mortar shops, for instance) can benefit immensely from a robust local SEO strategy.

In addition to the technical, on-page and off-page SEO elements discussed above, local SEO services take a look at factors impacting your site’s visibility with geo-location search queries:

  • Claiming and setting up local listings.
  • Updating business listings with accurate business information.
  • Optimising content for local search results.
  • Facilitating customer reviews and testimonials.

E-commerce SEO

If your business relies on online sales, it’s essential to consider e-commerce SEO when building or updating your website. E-commerce SEO focuses specifically on driving traffic to product pages to encourage more conversions.

Your dedicated SEO expert at Brafton will analyse your current product pages, your presence on any e-commerce platforms or marketplaces you use (such as Amazon) and more to determine how to best improve your online visibility.

A comprehensive e-commerce SEO strategy may include:

  • Product or service landing page creation or optimisation.
  • Image optimisation.
  • User testing.
  • A/B testing.
  • Web demo creation.
  • Schema markup.
  • Review and citation management.

SEO Strategy Consultation

The SEO landscape is constantly shifting with new search engine algorithm updates that affect how websites are indexed and ranked. If your SEO campaign doesn’t account for the latest industry changes and accepted best practices, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Brafton SEO specialists stay on top of every new development, identifying which signals have the biggest impact on search visibility and site performance.

We can provide ongoing support and consultation to ensure your SEO strategy continues to drive high-intent organic traffic to your site, regardless of what changes come down the pike.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to the many factors that pertain to the actual content on your website’s landing pages. Significant on-page SEO factors include:

  • Keywords.
  • Meta description.
  • Title tags.
  • Page layout.
  • Alt image text.
  • Internal links.
  • Images, videos, embedded media and other on-page elements.

Each one of these on-site SEO factors needs to be accounted for on every landing page to maximise your brand’s online visibility and deliver qualified visitors to your site.

Brafton’s on-page optimisation services ensure your website can be found by search engines. Our expert SEO team takes every opportunity to prime your brand site to rank higher in search results and bring relevant users to your pages. Some of the SEO tasks that can improve on-page ranking factors include:

  • Keyword research.
  • Content updates.
  • Website redesign.
  • Landing page creation.
  • Link structure analysis.
  • Metadata optimisation.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO deals with factors that aren’t related to your actual website content. Even though this branch of SEO relates to external elements, it’s something you can control (with a little help, of course). Brafton’s SEO services help improve your brand’s reputation and authority across the digital landscape.

We look at:

  • Domain Authority.
  • Backlinks.
  • Guest blogging opportunities.
  • Brand promotion over social media.

We also handle other important off-page SEO factors that impact your online presence. To improve off-page SEO, your dedicated SEO strategist may recommend link building activities, social media strategies that increase website traffic, guest blog outreach and more.

Boosting your off-site SEO not only drives more traffic to your pages from outside sources, but it builds your business profile and provides that much-needed social proof to show each potential customer that yours is a brand to be trusted.

Start Seeing Results From Your SEO Campaign

Brafton takes pride in building high-achieving results for our clients. Your SEO team will develop a strategy with you that continues to work for you around the clock. That’s the best part about SEO – the more time you spend optimising your website, the more results you will see. Although some SEO companies may promise instant results, we know that long-term success takes time. Many of our clients begin to see their website ranking higher for their target keywords soon after implementation, with results growing over the span of a year of active SEO campaigning. Let’s see what Brafton can do for you through our well-reputed SEO audit.

What are the Benefits of Working with an SEO Agency?

Businesses have a few different options for managing their SEO strategy, from working with a dedicated SEO agency to contracting freelancers to handle everything in house.

Working with an SEO service provider — particularly a full-service digital marketing agency — is clearly superior to the alternatives, offering a number of compelling benefits:

  • Specialised expertise in all areas of SEO: In-house teams and contract workers are unlikely to fully understand and manage technical, on-page and off-page SEO, among other demands.
  • Quality of service: Freelancers may not always deliver the best results and in-house teams have other responsibilities that can get in the way of SEO projects. Dedicated SEO agencies work quickly and effectively, providing a consistently high quality of service.
  • Wide range of services: SEO agencies like Brafton conduct SEO audits, develop SEO strategies, implement necessary changes, map out content marketing strategies, produce SEO-enriched content and much more. Choose from our tried-and-true package campaigns or our a la carte services.
  • Ongoing consultation: Although SEO agencies can deliver one-off projects, their full value comes into focus when providing ongoing support for all aspects of your SEO strategy. They continue to adhere to industry best practices, regardless of how the SEO market changes. Consider us a valuable member of your team, sticking with you by your side while you scale your business.

Creating a comprehensive SEO plan is the first step to driving high-intent visitors to your site, converting those prospects to qualified sales leads and eventually generating more revenue for your business.

Brafton’s business SEO services address whatever SEO needs you have, improving your website’s search ranking and visibility. We support your SEO strategy in any way we can to deliver the best results today and in the future.