Lauren Kaye

Industry: IT training
Content: Written content, infographics, case studies & social media marketing
Highlights: Conversions give company a 900% return on its investment in content marketing services

You’ve heard that diversity is key to content marketing success in 2015. Consumers expect more than vanilla content if they’re going to buy from you. Visual learners need graphics and videos to pay attention to your brand. But what’s the actual payoff you get from investing in a wider variety of formats?

One of Brafton’s clients in IT training showed just how lucrative it can be to offer visitors a range of branded media, including a mix of short- and long-form written pieces, visuals and a promotional strategy.

Challenge: Build a resource center that drives conversions

As a company that provides training to customers, it was essential to build a resource center that clearly demonstrated the value of its offerings and moved visitors through the sales funnel.

The client was already publishing written blog posts from its internal team members and supplementing them with news-driven stories by Brafton’s content writers. Although this initial strategy was seeing strong year-over-year results (23 percent more organic traffic, strong conversion numbers), the company knew it could do more if its website content was more comprehensive.

Strategy: Produce diverse assets that target qualified leads

Brafton’s content marketing strategists mapped out a diverse strategy that fully reflected the customers’ journey, from the initial point of interest to the point of sale. We were already producing a lot written content to drive demand by covering topics like:

  • Software updates
  • Marketplace trends
  • The most valuable workplace skills

To supplement these assets, our design team began providing custom graphics to illustrate some of the most important topics covered in the blog. The editorial team also began working on a number of new formats to support the client’s sales goal, including:

  • Regular case studies to go beyond demand and demonstrate results
  • Newsletters to promote assets in the resource center
  • Social distribution to get content in front of the right audience

Results: 900% ROI on diverse content

A quarterly review of its content marketing results showed this diverse approach to content creation was driving real results for the company.

The site was covering the right topics to bring in fresh interest.

All but 3 percent of organic traffic visits were coming from non-branded keywords, which means visitors were searching for terms related to “IT Training” and coming across the company’s web content.

Those visitors were also converting.

Content-driven conversions from resource center visitors generated over 10 percent of the company’s total revenue for a single month. This included conversions across written content, videos and newsletters sent directly to contacts.

Content conversions

The amount of revenue generated by content readers translated to a 900 percent return on investment in its monthly content marketing services.

At first glance, this figure is impressive. Getting back 900 percent of an investment you make sounds like a good deal. What was even more impressive was that the revenue for the month almost covered the company’s content marketing services for the entire year, so the rest of 2015’s wins will go straight to the bottom line.

Diverse content drives wide-reaching results

This company is an excellent example of how diverse content can support multiple marketing goals, from the top of the funnel down. The variety of content we helped the client produce brought in new visitors, educated them about the courses and convinced them to buy. Regardless of the industry or the audience, any company producing content must be thinking about their websites from this 360-degree view to stand out and be successful.