Florian Fuehren

Think of your business like a rocking party and your customers as the VIP guests. You wouldn’t just blast a megaphone to get their attention; no, you’d mingle, offer them their favorite drinks — personalized service, right?

That’s where customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing strut onto the dance floor. Just like an imaginative party planner, an email marketing tool helps you communicate with your audience smoothly. It keeps track of their likes and dislikes and makes sure you’re sending them personalized invitations (read: targeted emails) that get them riled up about your event.

So, you’ve got a bunch of email addresses — hooray for you! But the real magic happens when you integrate those with the customer data inside your CRM system. This combo is about as harmonious as peanut butter and jelly. It’s all about sending the right email campaign to the right person at the right time in their customer journey. As marketing automation joins forces with your CRM tool, every email newsletter feels like it’s been handcrafted by a master artisan — or your marketing team, because they’re awesome.

And let’s not forget the latest buzzword — omnichannel. It doesn’t necessarily describe one particular CRM feature. Rather, it’s when you go beyond the mass email approach and coordinate those messages with your activities on social media or your website. A cold email here, a video there and perhaps a sweet SMS to top it off. CRM email marketing makes sure your communication game is stronger than ever, creating a symphony of personalized emails that sing to each customer. And who doesn’t like a serenade?

What Is CRM Email Marketing?

Picture this: You’re juggling a bazillion emails, trying to give your customers that warm, fuzzy, ‘they-really-get-me’ feeling. Enter CRM email marketing, the trusty team here to save the day!

This dynamic duo lets you store precious customer data in a database tailored for email marketing bliss. Think of your CRM platform as the secret recipe and your email marketing tools as the whisk. Sure, you can make a delicious meal without them, but when they meet, you’re faster and see happy faces around the table. 

What do they both bring to the party? On one side, you’ve got your email analytics, a campaign monitor or even an email template which you update based on engagement. On the other hand, you’ve got your contact management, recent customer support statistics and your sales team’s extensive knowledge base and marketing hub with current product information. Throw them both together and you’ll instantly become more effective in your messaging.

After all, nobody will get your clients the way you do — because, unlike your competitors, you and your email marketing CRM will keep learning about them. What’s more, it helps you manage and nurture these relationships. Just consider all those transactional emails you know you could send if only you had the time, be it for lead generation or to boost customer retention. Well, with CRM email marketing, there’s no more excuses (sorry).

Help yourself to a big scoop of automation and wave goodbye to the tedium of manually working on a marketing campaign. CRM email automation means setting up detailed drip campaigns that run on autopilot, delivering the right message at just the right time. And with artificial intelligence getting in on the action, it’s like having a little brain that knows exactly who needs a nudge and when.

Your email marketing tool could already tell you that Susan from Oklahoma opened 3 out of 4 emails. But with a CRM tool, you can combine insights from two databases. Now you understand that Susan recently purchased your entry-level product and that she’s obsessed with cats.

So, if you’re serious about hitting the email marketing jackpot, peppering your strategy with some CRM finesse might just be what you need. You’ll not only keep your audience engaged but also laugh all the way to your ‘favorite customer’ leaderboard. Better start warming up those typing fingers; your email integration journey awaits!

Benefits of Using CRM Software for Email Marketing

Granted, we’re obviously biased. Asking a content marketing agency about the benefits of inbound marketing tools is like asking an ultramarathoner about their favorite running shoe. It just makes life so much easier. Let us give you an idea of the benefits you can hope for if you join Club CRM:

  • Enhanced Personalization: You know those birthday wishes from companies that come out of the blue? An email campaign like that makes you feel appreciated and seen. Well, with a CRM tool, your email content can give that same cozy vibe to every single customer. By dialing into your customer preferences, behaviors and past interactions, tailored email marketing automation feels like a high-five in their inbox.
  • Improved Segmentation: Gone are the days of email blasts to every Tom, Dick and Harry. A CRM is your new BFF for cutting through the noise. Your email marketing platform already gave you their behavior, but using both tools, you can break down your audience into neat little segments based on demographics, purchase history or whether they prefer chocolate to vanilla. That way, your email marketing campaign will hit the bullseye, every single time — because nobody likes receiving steakhouse vouchers when they’re vegan.
  • Increased Efficiency: Brace yourself; the best CRM feature lies in organizing all your customer data in one place. Say goodbye to the mess of spreadsheets and hello to slick, efficient management. Your CRM is like the ultimate email marketing command center — without the overly tight jumpsuits. You’ll cut down on double-ups and watch your campaign performance shoot through the roof.
  • Scalability and Automation: Ever wished you could clone yourself during a massive email campaign? With a CRM, it’s almost like you have. Automation tools let you manage your email list and create targeted messages that trigger based on specific actions or data — think marketing on autopilot. As your business grows, your email marketing scales up without needing a time-turner. 

When Is a Sales CRM System Worth the Investment?

OK, let’s pump the brakes and see if you truly need a CRM system or if email marketing software alone might do. Excited as we may be about it, it’s a hefty investment, especially if you run a small business. And we wouldn’t want you to jump all over it if you couldn’t realize any value. Time to run through our little symptom checklist and find out if CRM software would bulk up your wallet or put it on a diet.

First, consider your sales pipeline. As your business blooms like a spring flower, a sales CRM might just be the nurturing soil it requires. It’s a fact that managing more clients without mixing up Mr. Smith with Mrs. Smythe gets trickier. A CRM can sort, tag and follow up without any hassle, unlike your Excel sheets that look like a modern art piece gone wrong.

Moving on, are your sales straightforward? Or are they as complex as that 1,000-piece puzzle you never finished? If so, a CRM can make lead scoring easy. It’ll help you differentiate Aunty Ethel, who’s been eyeing your product for ages but probably just likes the thought of it, from Sara, who recently revisited your site after conducting her own research. No email marketing feature alone can give you that level of insight. With the right CRM data, you’ll know where to invest more time for a future return on investment.

Speaking of ROI, don’t even get us started on forecasting. A CRM doesn’t just juggle numbers; it helps you make sense of them, so they become actionable. From bidding prices for online ad placements and profit-and-loss data for individual customer segments to sales forecasts — most CRMs have the brainpower to show you whether your latest marketing stunt was genius or just as effective as a chocolate teapot.

And let’s face it, pricing can be as puzzling as understanding why kids eat glue. But no matter if you’re a small operation or the next big thing, there are CRM plans to fit your budget.

If being bogged down in data sheets isn’t your style (and we wouldn’t blame you), remember that a CRM can help you charm your customers while you count the wins and sip your latte.

Features To Look for in Email Automation and CRM Software

Of course, every CRM provider will tell you they’ve got the best solution. Dogs bark, cats purr and sales reps have “the best.” The question is, will it be the best for your business? Answering that requires some soul searching, a pinch of internal research on current pain points and a general idea of common features in most CRM tools. You’ll need to cover the first two, but we can help you out with the third.


Prepare to get wowed! Many CRM applications let you implement automated workflows, turning your email marketing into a well-oiled machine. Think of it as hiring a robot that works 24/7, sending out targeted campaigns whenever your customers as much as sneeze in the right direction, without annoying them, of course.

Contact Management

Just hoarding contacts won’t get you anywhere. After all, most providers charge you for a sizable list. A solid contact management system will provide segmentation, tagging and various integrations, allowing you to transform a jumbled mess into an orderly paradise where every contact feels like the guest of honor. Not only will that avoid those pesky repeated emails; it’ll also let you automate messages based on your customers’ actions, which become increasingly valuable as your business grows.

Reporting and Analytics

Ever wanted a crystal ball for your campaigns? Well, reporting features in your CRM are the next best thing. A/B testing and email sequences’ success are no longer a guessing game, as analytics will spill the beans on the who, what, when and why of customer engagements.


Having a CRM that plays nicely with other tools, like social media platforms, is like hosting the coolest party on the block. It ensures all your apps are not just showing up but bringing their A-game to your marketing campaigns.


Get your hands on a treasure trove of pre-made email templates or show off your style with custom uploads from your design team. Creating campaigns becomes easy, deliciously simple and infinitely satisfying.


Slice and dice your audience like a ninja with segmentation tools. Sending targeted campaigns to groups based on their behavior, preferences or your secret marketing sauce means better engagement and fewer chances of landing in the dreaded spam folder.

User-Friendly Interface

You won’t need a Ph.D. in Email-ology with a user-friendly interface at your side. Plus, if you read up on your provider’s customer service offerings, you don’t need to worry when you hit a snag.

It’s time to embrace the power of CRM systems to boost your efficiency. Fancy analytics? You bet. Customer feedback straight into your campaign tweaking process? Like a digital suggestion box, but actually useful.

If you’re looking to charm your customers and keep them coming back for more, you need to provide a tailored customer experience. And the key to that lies in the right tool. Remember, with great data comes great retention. Go forth and conquer those inboxes with a personal touch that makes your customers feel like they hit the jackpot.