The meta-search engine has been acquired by Yippy, the company reported earlier this week. attracts 100,000 visitors a month and handles more than one million search requests from users. The site was acquired for $5.55 million, with the transaction’s full details to be announced in an upcoming report.

The search engine takes users’ input and runs it through other search engines, aggregating search results into a single list. For many users, this simplifies the search process and makes navigating results more efficient. The goal of was to reduce search spam and deliver more accurate results, benefiting sites that use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

"Yippy/Clusty will provide a ‘walled garden with windows’ approach to the internet via the Yippy Cloud. By incorporating search into its platform, Yippy can provide parents, educational institutions and government entities a much safer alternative for all web-based activities," said Richard Granville, CEO of Yippy.

The search engine optimization (SEO) industry has seen a lot of search engine acquisitions in May. For example, earlier this week, Travelport announced that it acquired the travel search engine Sprice, reports