Lauren Kaye

Industry: Human resources
Content: Video blogs
Highlights: 3x as many pages per visit, 4x the visit duration

The standards for web design are changing. When brands first started creating websites they tried to prove themselves by cluttering pages with loads of information. Now, text-only pages are actually getting makeunders, because marketers have realized people prefer simpler designs. But, it’s smart brands that are able to strike the balance by spicing up their clean layouts with content that doesn’t just talk to visitors – it invites them to engage. This boils down to interactive graphics and videos

Goal: Get website visitors more engaged (so they convert more!)

A company that provides employee recognition resources is a long-time client, and Brafton’s content writers were already producing written blog content that was driving traffic to its website. But as video became a bigger trend in online marketing, we thought it would be ideal to take visitor engagement up a notch.

The visitors were there, but we wanted to make sure they were truly engaged with the blog content. No matter how interesting the information is, you can’t expect people to binge read articles on your site. Especially if you’re targeting a B2B audience, you have to presume your audience is busy and trying to find answers quickly. What better way than compiling information into a visual format and having someone present it your viewers?

Strategy: Produce weekly video blogs to support written content

We built a video blog strategy for this company that included two-to-three short studio productions a week. That is, the client’s content writer produces custom video scripts for our hand-picked talent to present on camera. Because the same writers are producing the blog content and video scripts, they have a strong sense of what the brand’s audience is interested in, what topics are trending and what subjects will come across best in video format.

For this company, we primarily present tips for human resources departments, such as:

  • How to plan for employee benefits programs correctly

  • Common traits in successful benefits plans

  • Ideas for improving employee incentives

Over time, the client’s video archive has grown into a learning center. In addition to articles that cover the latest research in employee benefits programs, the site now has a range of resources that teach viewers best practices in employee incentive programs.

Results: Highly engaged viewers (& a higher conversion rate)

The video blog strategy has made a noticeable difference on the website’s results, providing major boosts to important engagement metrics:

  • 4x more time spent on the site (comparing video viewers to all website traffic)

  • 3x more pages viewed (comparing video viewers to all website traffic)

  • 82 percent lower bounce rate compared to the site average

These figures prove the videos are sparking viewers’ interest and getting people to dig deeper into the company’s site, whether they’re visiting other blog posts or skipping over to product landing pages. And the best reward? An engaged visitor is more likely to become a qualified lead, and ultimately, a customer.

Video viewers have a conversion rate 2x higher than average visitors

In fact, visitors who watch videos have a conversion rate that’s two-times higher than people who only read the written blog content. The interactive format is doing its job by engaging viewers in the brand’s message and piquing their interest so they want to learn more about the company.

This client isn’t alone in the success it’s seeing with video content. Here’s another example of how video became an overnight success and a top-performing marketing approach for a company that provides lighting solutions. Video is highly effective because it’s interactive. It brings the written word to life and entertains visitors as they browse the web for products and services.