Brafton and Drupal INtegrationNew media marketing involves promoting products, services and brands through the myriad developing online channels. It often takes on the connotation of becoming a media provider as content marketing proves an increasingly valuable and pervasive marketing tool, and every company has the ability to become a publisher and industry voice in the new media age.

What constitutes new media

As the web has become the primary starting point for research, communication and other tasks, marketers have shifted their focuses to developing a complete web presence. As such, new media tools, have become avenues for businesses to build inbound links and reach new prospects. Leading new media marketing channels include:

  • Websites and website content
  • Search engines
  • Social media networks
  • Email newsletters
  • Online video
  • Online forums
  • Content aggregators

In most cases, these channels have eclipsed more traditional forms of marketing, such as direct mail and newspaper flyers.

Around 94 percent of B2B buyers research online for purchase decisions.

With new media marketing, businesses can essentially turn any digital channel into a marketing platform, and this is effective for reaching consumers and business buyers. Both B2C and B2B companies can reach larger audiences with various new media. Around 94 percent of B2B buyers research online for purchase decisions, according to research from the Acquity Group.

Measuring new media marketing ROI

Businesses using new media marketing often struggle to determine the efficacy of their campaigns. However, social media platforms have rolled out analytics features, such as Facebook Insights, that allow companies to monitor and track activity on their social media pages and content. Currently, the average business uses roughly six social networks – The majority of B2Cs prefer Facebook, while B2Bs view LinkedIn as its most valuable network.

Download Brafton's free ebook: Content for Conversions
Download Brafton’s free ebook: Content for Conversions

Like most marketing methods, the goal of new media marketing platforms is to boost conversions. On the web, this can mean more than strict sales. Businesses often ask prospects to fill out forms, enroll in other marketing campaigns and complete other tasks on their websites. Companies need custom conversion marketing strategies at the root of new media marketing based on their unique business goals.

In addition to web conversions, popular metrics included in new media marketing analytics suites include bounce rates, dwell time and overall website traffic. Each of these figures provides companies with a picture of the strength of their campaigns in terms of driving relevant traffic and attracting repeat visitors.