The growing capability of the internet and its role as primary media consumption tool has compelled companies to consider video content as an element of their integrated web marketing campaigns. Consumers spend 5.5 hours watching videos every day on average, and about 20 percent of that time is spent on digital content. Video marketing helps businesses appeal to the growing demographic of internet users who watch video clips on the web.

Online video demand

Social media and the rise in smartphones has had a huge impact on video popularity. Every day, users view 4 billion videos on Facebook, and YouTube has been reported as the “most successful network for driving conversions.”

It’s important to note that half of all YouTube viewers are watching videos from mobile devices. Viewers want video content more than ever, and they’re demanding its availability on multiple platforms, particularly smartphones. 

  • 33%​ of tablet owners watch about an hour of video on their devices every day
  • 28% of smartphone users watch a video on their devices at least once a day

Video content for SEO link building

One of our clients experienced the power of video marketing when it saw its new blogs become the most popular landing pages on its site.
Learn how our tech client’s video blog became one of its best SEO assets.

Content marketing is critical to search engine optimization, and video content can generate inbound links and web traffic. Though video content, itself, can’t be crawled by search engines, it has SEO benefits.

Videos are highly shared across the web, and marketers who include rich descriptions and keywords in video titles can also benefit from video platform search visibility and a presence on the video results section of Google. Additionally, adding text transcripts of video content posted on a website can improve the SEO value it has for the site. Pairing video with written content, whether an article or well-written metadata, has proven to be a strong SEO strategy for businesses, with video listings appearing in the top 100 listings for more than 70 percent of searches, according to Marketingweek.

Branded video content

For content to stand out, businesses must differentiate their material from other companies, especially competitors. Some methods that have worked are innovative series that develop fictional characters or storylines centered around a specific product. Other campaigns serve essentially as commercials for a business, such as Red Bull’s campaign that features extreme sports athletes, or serve as how-to’s that establish thought leadership.

Video marketing influence on purchases

57 percent of retail brands said they notice average order values increase when users watch just one video they’ve produced.

With video content marketing, businesses find that certain metrics used to determine the success of web campaigns improve drastically. Dwell time is the most obvious, as engaging video content will likely keep visitors around for longer. 57 percent of retail brands said they notice average order values increase when users watch just one video they’ve produced and sales totals double when people have watched 10 or more videos.


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