Free PPC Audit

As leaders in the content space, Brafton’s in-house PPC experts are equipped to optimize and scale your pay-per-click (PPC) efforts. Given the upfront investment of PPC campaigns and the associated risk, you want to make sure you’re playing your cards right: Let Brafton deal your hand, for free.

Here are 4 key aspects of our free PPC audit:

Stage 1:

A review of your account performance data from 3 timeframes. Our PPC team will provide you with insights based on the data from last year, the past 90 days and the past month — deriving trends and comparisons to the most relevant industry benchmarks. 

Stage 2:

Analysis and recommendations regarding your account’s structure, budgets, keywords, ad components (targeting, copy and extensions), affiliated landing pages and conversion setup. 

Stage 3:

A comprehensive analysis of 5 competitors’ paid search efforts.

Stage 4:

A proposed budget and associated management costs, taking into account the nuance and complexity of your business’s context.