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Content Distribution Lee Hsieh

5 secrets for storytelling in the age of marketing automation

By Lee Hsieh, Digital Marketing Senior Manager at AIG Some marketing lessons never go out of style. Case in point: Effective storytelling remains a cornerstone of any successful content marketing strategy. That said, in order to fully leverage the power of storytelling and maximize results, it is essential to ensure the technology you use is integrated… Read more »

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Content Distribution Caroline Egan

Are your ad dollars going to Tinder instead of Facebook?

It’s a typical post-workout Wednesday evening and you’ve settled into watching mindless television. You pull out your phone and think, “What’s my weekend plan? Perhaps I should try to find a date.” You open up Tinder and start swiping, as many single 20- and 30-somethings do. About 10 profiles in, the app starts serving advertisements… Read more »

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Content Distribution Walt Clark

How to differentiate your brand from your founder

Ninety percent of American businesses are family-owned and operated, and many utilize their founders as the cornerstone of their brand. Even large, well-known brands like Harpo and Bloomberg are synonymous with their founders, making separating the founder from the business almost impossible. The trouble with tying your company’s brand to one person is you live and… Read more »

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Content Distribution Eric Wendt

Mobile matters: Why mobile video is life or death for your brand

If you’re not sure why mobile matters for your video marketing strategy, it’s time to remove the ultra-dark sunglasses you’ve apparently been wearing and take a look around. Chances are you’ll see people glued to their smartphone screens everywhere you go, from the bus to the supermarket to public restrooms (actually, you might want to… Read more »

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