Rachel Dobinski

Hi, I’m Rachel Dobinski, a Social Media Strategist at Brafton. Let’s talk about Facebook’s revamped News Feed, which offers marketers the chance to improve the reach of their social media content campaigns.

At Brafton, we envision Facebook’s media-centric redesign will bode well for businesses with smarter content strategies. Below we’ve outlined three ideas for your content marketing campaign to play up the new News Feed, while Facebook preps it for the public.

My first tip is to diversify your content portfolio.

This can expand your reach. Facebook’s upcoming News Feed features sub-feeds. One way media will be categorized is by content type – like a photo feed. If brands only publish written content, they might not reach visual-media-loving consumers. More than ever before, marketers must create a variety of content to reach followers all over the social network.

My second tip is to give more weight to your headlines and images.

The new visual layout favors content that users find engaging instantly. With the News Feed showcasing media brighter and bolder, content must stand out to pique consumers’ interests. Marketers must publish blog content with compelling headlines and photographs that cause viewers to click “Like.” As you can see, the News Feed now features bigger headlines, which can help content marketers grab viewers’ attention on Facebook. The more compelling the headlines, the greater the odds of driving referral traffic back to branded websites.

My third tip is to focus on consistent quality updates.

The News Feed brings content front and center, so if marketers can’t produce enough high-grade content, viewers will pass it by for competitors’ updates. Notice how the image of the open-face tuna melt blurs on the new News Feed? Brands must invest in better technology to improve their Facebook marketing campaigns and publish crystal-clear content. Check out this vibrant “Snow Day” photograph – wouldn’t it be great if your product images looked this good online?

What are some other content opportunities you think the News Feed offers Page managers? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below.