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Years ago, Lauren Romeo saw herself becoming a psychologist based on her fascination with the way people think. After graduating from the University of Delaware with a major in marketing and minors in management information systems and advertising, she found a different career path that allowed her to do something in a similar sense: Her role as a digital marketing consultant consists of researching how people perceive clients and interact with them on a daily basis.

Watching these interests collide almost seamlessly after becoming a Senior Digital Marketing Consultant at Brafton is both satisfying and thrilling for Lauren, and we’re lucky to have her.

How a Career in Consulting Came About

Growing up in Connecticut, Lauren always wanted to make the move to Boston after graduation to start her career. She was searching for an entry-level position to get her feet wet in the industry, specifically something at a digital marketing agency. When browsing LinkedIn, she saw another UD graduate who was working at Brafton at the time post about her experience at the company.

After doing her own research and gaining a recommendation from her alumna, Lauren sent in her application, and within a few weeks, she was starting her career in Boston just as planned.

A Day in the Life of a Brafton Marketing Consultant

Chug water. Kickboxing. Coffee. Breakfast.

This is what Lauren’s morning routine consists of before logging on for the workday at 8:30, giving her the fuel and motivation she needs to get through her fast-paced daily tasks and expectations.

As a Digital Marketing Consultant, Lauren’s responsibilities range from SEO research and email marketing to persona development, UX consultancy, website design and more.

“Projects consist of creating email templates or scheduling email campaigns, looking over mockups for web designs to make sure they are following best UX practices, doing SEO research to make recommendations for clients’ organic search strategy, conducting site audits to see if any technical or meta-issues are happening on client sites, researching what client competitors are doing and ways the client can improve,” she explains.

During her tenure at Brafton, Lauren recalls a few of her own noteworthy project successes, such as Epiq, a client looking for a total website redesign. It took long working days and countless external approvals, but the website came out flawless.

With Lauren’s help, Exectras, a client that ran an email marketing campaign from a cold list, saw contacts getting a 70+% open rate, as opposed to the average rate of 20%.

There’s no denying Lauren’s own talent and skill, but she’s proud and thankful to be a part of a team of such talented creatives that make it easy to provide such streamlined success for clients.

“I love how every day is different and that the people here are so creative,” she shared. “The first company meeting I went to, when I saw what our graphics and video department could do, I was shocked. It was like what you see on TV, and I get to work with these people every day.”

Life Outside of Brafton

What’s Lauren up to when she’s not putting together an email marketing campaign or restructuring a website? She’s doing a bunch of stuff that will probably make your jaw drop, quite frankly:

  • She has her boater’s license and captains her boat most weekends during the summer.
  • She’s a self-proclaimed guru when it comes to finding the best, cheapest travel deals. An avid traveler, she’s been to 26 countries (and counting!).
  • She worked at a bakery in college and can now bake bread and write “Happy Birthday” flawlessly on cakes.
  • She’s currently renovating an old FedEx van to create her own tiny home on wheels.

“I travel with my sister a ton,” Lauren said. “We like to say we have a bucket list of places we want to go, but we let the deals tell us where to go. Our most recent trip was to Costa Rica for 9 days, hotel, airfare, car rental and breakfast for $450. Costa Rica wasn’t on the bucket list but it was one of my favorite places I’ve been.”

But let’s not let that little detail about the FedEx van revamp fall by the wayside. Lauren’s love for travel (paired with the opportunity to work remotely full time) encouraged her to take the leap of faith and explore the country.

“I’ll be traveling around the U.S. with my Mini Goldendoodle, Bean (named after Beantown where I got her) while working out of the van. I’m super excited to travel to states I’ve never been to before.”

Her drive and continuous motivation to do more is what makes Lauren such a valuable team member at Brafton, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds with her at the company (and on the road with Bean!)