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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Great Corporate Video Script


A great corporate video starts with a great corporate video script. Use these tips to set your videos up for success.

The 12 Corporate Video Types and When to Use Them


Corporate videos help you tell your story and elevate your brand. Consider making these corporate video types part of your video marketing strategy.

The Corporate Video Handbook: Tips and Tricks (and How to Use Them)


The ultimate guide to creating unique and engaging corporate videos. Use these proven ideas to inspire your video production strategy for tangible results.

The 7 Best Business Video Examples That Will Make Your Marketing Strategy Soar


Get inspired by business video examples, which the most powerful corporate brand marketers are using to convey the value of their companies.

Revitalize Your Videos With Our Corporate Video Brief Example (Template)


A good corporate video brief is the foundation of successful video marketing. Use our example template to get things started on the right foot.

Why Real Estate Video Marketing Is Essential in 2024


Real estate video is a powerful marketing tool for agents to attract sellers and buyers. Here’s everything you need to know about producing and distributing an effective video.

6 Hotel Video Marketing Strategies To Try


The hospitality industry is leveraging video marketing more than ever. Read on for more information on using video for effective hotel marketing.

12 Video Ideas for Any B2B Business (With Examples) [Infographic]


Learn why video is such an important component of marketing strategies – and watch the examples that prove why B2B brands can’t afford to be camera shy.

The Corporate Video Production Compendium: How to Win Business With Video


Corporate video production enables companies to showcase their strengths both internally and externally, gaining traction to win new business.