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Video content has taken over the internet, and thus the world of digital marketing. Look around online, and you’ll see countless examples, from educational videos and entertaining shorts to targeted ads and corporate motion graphics.

While video marketing is by no means a new medium, it has become ubiquitous for its ability to communicate key value propositions in an engaging, visually appealing and memorable way. In fact, more than 90% of businesses have a video marketing strategy in place.

But does a dental clinic really need to put out videos to attract and retain patients? 

Of course, our answer is yes — but that’s not just a bias! Let’s walk through some of the benefits dental video marketing can provide your practice and how you can start producing content yourself.

Why Use a Video Marketing Strategy for Your Practice?

The simple answer: Patients aren’t all that patient.

Nobody wants to read through a wall of text on dental marketing websites or Facebook ads the length of a novel. To capture the attention of today’s dental patient, practices need to have engaging video content across their websites and social media pages. While SEO blogs are still a great way to drive organic traffic, even they are complemented by video content.

That’s because videos help your practice:

  • Add visual appeal: Videos are more engaging than static text or images, leveraging sound and motion to capture viewer attention.
  • Demonstrate expertise: Dentists can use this type of content to showcase their skills, services, expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to build trust with their audience.
  • Educate patients: Educational videos are an effective platform for teaching viewers about dental health, hygiene, procedures and preventive care.
  • Form a personal connection: Patients can “meet” their dentist and hygienists ahead of time via video introduction, allowing them to feel more comfortable and connected to the team.

This kind of marketing is increasingly essential — not just for awareness, but also for revenue — with 89% of consumers saying video content helped convince them to pay for a service.

The best part? The barrier to entry for dental video marketing is only getting lower. Staff can film videos on their phone, and with platforms like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, it’s never been easier to attract a loyal audience of local customers. 

But before you hit record on your first production, it’s important to understand the basics of video and social media marketing.

Starting Your Dental Video Production

Here are 5 easy steps for producing top-notch video content:

1. Start With a Goal in Mind

Prior to scripting your video, you’ll want to identify your main objectives for the video at hand. Do you want to attract new patients, showcase expertise or educate your audience about a dental procedure? Defining these goals will help guide your content creation process and ensure each video serves a clear purpose while aligning with your overall marketing strategy.

2. Prepare a Dental Video Production Plan

Planning is key to producing high-quality dental videos. Once you’ve established a goal, start by outlining your topics and developing a script and format for each video. Determine what resources you’ll need (such as equipment and staff involvement), and set aside time for the production. This well-structured plan will help the process run smoothly once you’re rolling.

3. Shoot and Edit Your Videos

With pre-production taken care of, it’s time for the actual shoot. Most modern phone cameras are good enough that you can get away with using them, but pay close attention to lighting and sound. They may seem like small details, but they’re crucial for a professional feel. Don’t be afraid to record multiple takes to ensure you have the best footage. This will be critical in the editing process, where you’ll be creating a clear and engaging narrative.

4. Consider Working With a Digital Marketing Agency

For some practices, planning and staging a whole video production is just impractical — whether it’s a lack of time or skilled talent to help. That’s why some dentists partner with a digital marketing agency. Not only can an agency assist in video marketing, but they can also support dental website design, SEO, social media, targeted advertising and so much more. 

5. Promote Them on Your Dental Website and Social Media

Whether you chose to go it alone or enlisted the help of a professional team, you’ve got your finished product. Now it’s time to share it with the world. Embed your video on your dental website to enhance the user experience and boost SEO. Share them across social media to reach a broader audience. With a consistent production and promotion schedule, your videos can attract and engage potential patients, driving traffic to your clinic.

10 Dental Video Ideas To Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Looking for a bit of inspiration to get your dental video production started? Here are 10 examples bound to boost your marketing impact:

1. Animated Explainer

Animation offers the perfect medium for educational videos, especially for more intensive treatments and oral surgeries. Show patients how procedures like dental implants or root canals work. These engaging visuals help patients understand what to expect, alleviating anxiety around potentially daunting procedures by turning them into easily digestible information.

2. Promotional Practice Video

Live-action videos are a great way to showcase what makes your dental practice special. For instance, you could highlight your state-of-the-art technology, comfortable office and friendly staff in a short guided tour. This kind of video gives your patients a virtual inside look, helping them feel excited to book their first appointment and comfortable when they first walk in.

3. Special Offers and Announcements

Have a new service or special offer you want people to know about? Announce it with a bang through a vibrant and engaging video! This is another great use case for animated motion graphics. Whether it’s a holiday discount on teeth whitening or a new specialty or dental service, a well-crafted announcement video can capture audience attention and drive traffic to your website and your practice.

4. Meet the Team

Making patients feel comfortable at the dentist isn’t always easy. But introducing them to your dental team first in a fun and friendly video can help! Let your dentists, hygienists and office staff share a bit about themselves, their roles and why they love what they do. When they’re allowed to let their personalities shine, they have an easier time building trust with patients.

5. Behind-the-Scenes Feature

You can also give patients a sneak peek into your daily operations with a behind-the-scenes video. Show them how you prepare for procedures, maintain hygiene standards or celebrate office events. This transparency is key for building trust, and it also showcases the professionalism and care that goes into your practice.

6. How-To Video

A how-to guide can help patients build healthy habits through common preventive and post-treatment care routines. For instance, videos can demonstrate the correct way to brush and floss or how to care for braces and retainers. These practical tips can improve your patients’ oral hygiene, treatment outcomes and overall satisfaction.

7. FAQ Video

Tired of answering the same questions each day? Create an informative video to answer the most frequently asked questions, covering topics like dental insurance, post-procedure care and appointment scheduling. That way, you can streamline communications while still providing excellent service.

8. Debunk Some Dental Myths

Videos can also be a great way to dispel common dental myths. Address misconceptions like “sugar causes cavities” or “you only need to see a dentist if something hurts.” By debunking these misconceptions, you can educate your audience and reinforce the importance of regular dental care.

9. Patient Testimonial

Word-of-mouth is a powerful driving force for dental patient referrals, so let your satisfied patients do the talking! Real-life stories and genuine experiences will resonate with audiences, building trust and credibility. Feature your happy patients sharing their positive outcomes and discussing how your practice made a difference in their dental health.

10. Before and After Smile Makeovers

While not every satisfied patient will want to speak on camera, they might be willing to have their smiles showcased! Highlighting patients’ journeys from their initial consultations to their dazzling new smiles can provide a powerful visual that inspires potential patients to take the first step toward their own simile transformation.

Say Cheese!

With the right strategy, you can create engaging, educational content that attracts new patients, boosts your SEO and builds trust with your audience. From animated explainers to fun employee spotlights, the possibilities are endless. Remember, the key is consistency and quality — so don’t be afraid to invest in good equipment or partner with an agency that can help.