443% Boost in Traffic (and Counting…) for Quench


New Page 1 keywords.


Boost in monthly traffic value.


Increase in monthly traffic.

Quench USA is on a mission to hydrate corporate America. 

They manufacture and sell affordable and sustainable workplace beverage dispensers that eliminate bottle waste containers (and their associated shipping) from the equation. 

We made their mission, our mission, and helped by doing what we do best: Content for SEO.

Boost Search Visibility

Our initial objective at the start of 2022 was to increase brand awareness for Quench by drastically improving the company’s presence on search.

The unique challenge we faced is that we’re targeting business markets, not consumer markets.

This isn’t to suggest that consumers can’t buy Quench products (because they can). More importantly, consumers are often employees at workplaces, and can be champions for the transition to sustainable, bottle-free water dispensers.

To strike the right balance between intent and general awareness, we had to be thoughtful during the course of our keyword research. We needed to rank for a mix of general terms that would help drive brand awareness among the greatest number of people possible (such as “hydration facts”) as well as commercial-intent terms like “water cooler service for office” and “promoting hydration in the workplace.”

1 Website SEO audit.

57 Blog posts.

64 Search Performance Briefs.

8 Commercial landing pages.

We created an SEO strategy that would help Quench rank on Page 1 for the types of keywords that office administrators, executive assistants and small-business owners search for when they have an interest in business-grade water dispensers.

Our strategy comprised of the following:

1. Website SEO Audit: Before we wrote a word, we conducted a thorough analysis of the site’s current SEO health. This was to ensure our client’s site was foundationally prepared to support a highly successful content-for-SEO campaign.

2. Keyword research: We choose keywords based on:

Intent: When someone types a keyword into Google, what are they trying to see? We understand this by analyzing the search results (SERP). No one is trying harder than Google to understand search intent, which is why nothing beats a good old-fashioned SERP analysis.
Search volume: Is it meaningful enough to make a difference for our client’s site traffic? We always consider that some higher-intent keywords require fewer clicks to get conversions.
Keyword difficulty: How hard is it to get on Page 1 for this keyword? Would we be wasting our time based on the client’s current Domain Authority?

3. Search Performance Briefs for each target keyword: We created these for any new and existing page that we are currently trying to get on Page of Google. Each brief includes an in-depth analysis of the top 20 listings for each keyword’s SERP. Our goal is to identify recurring topics within the top-performing pages, as well as topic gaps that will help us gain an edge over the SERP competition. Additionally, each brief identifies internal linking opportunities and flags any instances of embedded media in the top-performing content. This is a very data-driven approach to deciding when to incorporate rich media in written content. Each brief also provides an outline for the final content.

In total, we followed these steps to create 47 new blog posts and optimize 9 existing blog posts, for a total of 56 keyword targeted blogs.

Additionally, we followed this process for 8 commercial landing pages (7 new pages and one re-optimization of an existing page). Our work wasn’t strictly limited to search, though. We began creating infographics, eBooks and animated videos. At the same time, we launched a LinkedIn ad campaign to help fuel brand awareness.

Some pictures speak for themselves. Like this one, which shows Quench USA’s organic traffic changes since 2021:

In 2021, Quench USA was averaging 14,500 in organic traffic in May. As of May 2022 (after about 6 months of work), it tripled to 43,532. And as of May 2023, Quench USA is now generating nearly 80,000 organic sessions per month. That’s nearly a fivefold increase.

How did we pull this off?

By getting 36 of the total 64 pages we created on Page 1 of Google. Another 8 pages are at the top of Page 2 — and even the ones that are lower on Page 2 are contributing traffic.

The overall increase in organic traffic has also led to a huge boost in monthly organic traffic value:

Let’s break this image down:

  • May 2021 traffic value (dark blue line): $25,795.
  • May 2022 traffic value (light blue line): $51,949.
  • May 2023 traffic value (orange line): $81,172.

It’s also worth noting that Quench USA sees seasonal spikes in the summer months. As such, we fully expect total monthly traffic value to exceed $100,000 this summer. That’s more money in one month of traffic than Quench spent with us in an entire year.

Of the pages we got on Page 1, the majority (21) are in positions 1 through 5.

This is a long-term campaign executed over the course of nearly 2 years. And the beauty of a long-term campaign such as this is that it generates long-term results.

If Quench USA eliminated its entire marketing budget tomorrow, it would continue to see nearly 100,000 monthly organic sessions, indefinitely, as a result of the work that we did.

That’s the power of great SEO. It just keeps giving — for months, and possibly years, to come.

The best part though? We’re just getting started.

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