Helping Crews Control Think Global With Local SEO


Page 1 Rankings for Commercial Terms.


Boost in Organic Page Views YoY.


Additional Leads YoY.

Here’s a common paradox in B2B SEO marketing:

You’re a global brand, so you target tons of general queries applicable to anyone facing the challenges you solve, regardless of where they’re located. BUT — you know that your customers are searching for local terms, related to the exact city in which they live or work.

How do you balance both?

Local SEO at a Global Scale

Crews Control is a company of top-notch videographers. They have teams all over the world, so if you need to shoot a product demo in Paris or an SME interview in Indianapolis, they have you covered.

They need to be globally recognized and respected, but locally findable.

Local SEO.

Landing pages.

Blog posts.

Custom illustrations.

Here’s what we did:

  • Maintain their global presence: With SEO targeted at informational queries.
  • Target high-intent, local queries: By creating content for dozens of city-specific conversion landing pages.
  • Jump-start their global “local” campaign: With PPC ads targeted at priority city pages.
  • Nurture prospects who engage with these initiatives: Using email drips that guide them through the sales funnel.

Global campaigns with local focuses are inevitably large and complex, but they pay off big-time. So far, Crews Control has achieved:

  • Page 1 rankings on target SERPs for more than one-third of their local SEO pages (16 pages in total).
  • Nearly 7,000 new sessions from organic and paid efforts over the past year.
  • Most importantly: 101 additional qualified leads through organic and paid effort, over last year.

Below is a chart showing every Page 1 ranking we earned for local, commercial intent keywords:

KeywordPagePosition as of 11/17/23
video crew washington dcAward Winning Crews in Washington, D.C.1
atlanta video crewAward Winning Crews in Atlanta2
dallas video crewAward Winning Crews in Dallas2
female stereotypes in moviesThe Evolution of Female Stereotypes in Movies2
new york video crewsAward Winning Crews in New York2
cinematographer vs. directorCinematographer vs. Director: What’s the Difference?3
video crew los angelesAward Winning Crews in Los Angeles4
decoupled productionPros and Cons of Decoupled Production in Video Marketing5
video production madridAward Winning Crews in Madrid7
palm springs video productionAward Winning Crews in Palm Springs8
production company frankfurtAward Winning Crews in Frankfurt8
how much does a camera crew costHow Much Does a Camera Crew Cost? Paying for Your Corporate Video Shoot9
video production company chinaAward Winning Crews in Beijing9
video production stockholmAward Winning Crews in Stockholm9
boston camera crewAward Winning Crews in Boston10
san juan video productionAward Winning Crews in San Juan10

If you’re the type of brand that should be thinking globally but optimizing locally, we know how to achieve success.

We’ve done it for Crews Control (and theirs is an ongoing campaign). And we can do it for you.

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