How We Made Webex’s Blog Go 📈


Increase in Organic Traffic.


Increase in Organic Traffic Value.


New Referring Domains.

Up and to the right: It’s what every SEO looks for in a graph.

Especially when “up and to the right” translates to $300,000 worth of traffic growth.

Organic Blog Growth

When Webex came to us in 2022, they needed help getting their Socio.Events blog off the ground.

It’s not an easy thing, gaining traction on a relatively new blog. It had a Domain Authority of 48 — which is respectable, but by no means a sure indicator of Page 1 rankings.

Search Performance Briefs.

Blog posts.

Writing dozens of keyword-targeted blog posts. Each was created using these steps:

  1. Exceedingly thorough keyword research (with special attention placed on search intent and traffic potential based on estimated rank).
  2. In-depth SERP analysis (including analyzing the top-20 SERPs with AI-powered tools).
  3. Writing (and specifically, writing blog content based on our analysis that has a high probability of ranking on Page 1).

Each post takes many hours of work, well before the writing even begins. But the results speak for themselves.

After posting each blog, we watched its ranking go up and to the right …

… over and over again, for dozens of blog posts, until we ended up with something like this:

Pre September 2022, Webex was averaging 4,175 sessions per month, valued at about $6,866.

12 months on, they’re earning nearly 31,000 sessions (⬆️ 640%) every month from their blog, valued at $43,654 (⬆️ 535%).

Cumulatively, that’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in traffic value.

SEO works — especially when you do it with Brafton.

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