The Perfect Content Marketing Cocktail for Lanshore

Lanshore, a Sales Performance Management software provider, had a mission: Optimize their core commercial landing pages and create new sales collateral. 

Mission accomplished, on both fronts.

Optimize Commercial Landing Pages

Lanshore is a digital process consultancy, implementer and outsourcer with expertise in Sales Performance Management and Robotic Process Automation. Their goal is to support highly productive back- and front-office operations to carry out complex processes fast and accurately.

As part of their marketing strategy, Lanshore sought to optimize their collateral and commercial landing pages to rank on Page 1 of Google — with the ultimate goal of generating leads. They turned to Brafton for help, drawn in by our 15 years of experience in the field and our history of high ratings and strong reviews.

Search Performance Briefs.

Landing pages.

Website design.

Lanshore’s main goal was to improve lead generation, and they aimed to achieve that goal with stronger lead-gen assets. To that end, our editorial, design and tech departments collaborated to create targeted commercial landing pages that would have a strong chance of ranking well on Google.

Our approach always starts with an in-depth analysis on the chosen keyword, for instance, “high tech consulting.” Our strategists need to understand the search intent (i.e., what types of information, results and media people want to see when they search that term), which topics to cover and related searches. Once we’ve conducted the research, we pull everything into a Search Performance Brief.

Next, a Brafton writer uses the information in the SPB to create keyword-targeted landing page copy, detailing one of Lanshore’s top solutions. It’s crucial at this stage that written copy covers all the core topics needed to rank on Page 1, while staying true to Lanshore’s voice and brand story.

Once the copy has been revised and proofed, our designers work their magic. Here’s an example of how they turned a simple Google document of text into a complete mockup:

Last but not least, our dev and tech teams step in and implement the mockup into the real deal: a brand new page on our client’s website.

Below is an example of one of the commercial landing pages we created for Lanshore:

This page is already ranking in position 15 for the target keyword “high tech consulting.” Within the first 90 days, new pages experience a lot of ranking volatility. Over time, we expect this page to improve its ranking and ultimately settle on Page 1.

We also created and published two additional commercial landing pages: CRM and RPA, and two more are still in the works.

More recently, we started creating blog content for Lanshore. One of our posts is targeting the keyword “RPA maintenance” which has a search volume of 110 in the US market. This post landed on page 1 after just a week of publishing and it’s now ranking in position 3:

The work didn’t stop there. As part of the strategy, we helped them create another bottom-of funnel piece: a sales deck. We wrote all the sales messaging and designed the accompanying visuals, resulting in a powerful sales-enablement asset. See it for yourself:

Lanshore experienced first hand what great content marketing can do for a brand.

They now have commercial landing pages ranking for targeted keywords which will assist in lead generation. But they also have sales collateral to help drive engagement at the bottom of the funnel.

This is what we call the perfect content marketing cocktail; it’s balanced and it has a smooth finish.

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