How Brafton’s Multiasset Content Strategy Delivered 5 Years of Results for Jagged Peak

With fully integrated platforms, services and processes, Jagged Peak empowers B2B and B2C brands to optimize sales channels and streamline their shop-to-ship supply chains. Since 2002, Jagged Peak has offered eCommerce companies everything they need to succeed in a digital world, from store to door.

In 2013, they partnered with Brafton, hoping to be involved more greatly in industry conversations and provide actionable content to customers and leads. Fast forward five years, and the collaboration is still going strong.

Small Team, Big Exposure

Jagged Peak receives a multidimensional content strategy that includes blogs, press releases, animations, video blogs, white papers, infographics and event coverage videos as needed.

Managing so many different content formats can be a time suck, but Brafton takes on the day-to-day creation, execution and publication of assets so clients can spend more of their time helping grow their business.

And that’s a primary advantage for Jagged Peak: Despite being stretched thin in the marketing department, they’re able to access on-demand content that suits their needs.

“We’re a smaller team,” said Kristine. “The value I see in Brafton is that it’s like having an additional arm to take some of the load off us.”

Because of this positive dynamic, bandwidth troubles become less of a concern.

“Brafton gives us more exposure, and we’re able to get our name out into the world,” said Kristine.

For Jagged Peak, running PR, planning trade show events, managing the website and promoting content is a huge undertaking. Brafton is able to successfully augment other vendor campaigns and provide content that can be used for numerous purposes so that Kristine and co. don’t have to shoulder the entire burden of these many moving parts.

“If our team is strapped for time when coming up with new ideas, Brafton proactively pitches several stories for us to approve or collaborate on,” said Kristine. “[Our writer] does a really good job at quick turnarounds and supporting our team.”

Blog posts.

Press releases.


Video blogs.

Event coverage videos.

White papers.


Keeping a Pulse on the Logistics Industry

Brafton prides itself on matching niche clients with writers and strategists who have experience marketing in those verticals. Not just being familiar with the common buzzwords but actually offering unique insights to other veterans and professionals who’ve spent decades enmeshed in their respective fields.

From the start, Jagged Peak’s assigned writing team was able to craft content that resonated with audiences and kept pace with evolving industry trends.

“We don’t just put content on one medium,” said Kristine Champion, Director of Marketing at Jagged Peak. “We post on our website and social media, and we also pass along Brafton content to our sales teams so that they can use it in their work. The content you produce is on key, and it’s clear you understand the pulse of our industry.”

In content marketing, being as informative and relevant as possible is mandatory. Readers and viewers can tell the difference between fluff and value, and search engines are designed to penalize content that serves no purpose.

But by publishing and distributing content that’s useful to eCommerce brands, Jagged Peak has been able to adapt to the industry at large. And that’s an important objective, especially for a business that now has an expansive global presence, launches several new product offerings each year and recently merged with a firm partly owned by Alibaba, the sixth-largest company in the world.

Monthly website visits, social engagement and video views have all improved tremendously since beginning with Brafton in 2013.

It’s this success that has facilitated plans for additional content in 2018 to help serve Jagged Peak’s larger commercial goals.

“We’re planning to push a new service offering that will help our customers grow their online sales footprint through online marketplaces such as Amazon and Lazada,” said Kristine. “And because we have a comprehensive solution offering that can serve global companies, we’re looking to find new clients in Asia and beyond.”

Brafton is already hard at work supporting these initiatives through blog articles and a whitepaper, and 2018 is shaping up to be a great year for Jagged Peak.

As more businesses move toward digital-only storefronts, Jagged Peak’s EDGE platform propels the next generation of eCommerce innovators.

We feel the same way about Brafton’s position in the content marketing space: Faced with continuous industry change, we adapt, innovate and lead with new solutions.

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