How We Put the Flair in Tecflair’s Website

Your company site is the focal point of everything your business does on the web. Every road sign you put up on the internet—your social media profiles, your display ads, your email marketing campaigns—points to it.

And within seconds of arriving on any site, users form an opinion about the brand. Within a minute, they decide whether they’ll stick around and make themselves comfortable, or continue their journey elsewhere and never return.

Which brings us to our client, Tecflair. In a matter of months, we revamped their website and laid the groundwork for it to become an inbound marketing machine. Here’s just a glimpse of what we came up with:

Create a Platform for Brand Growth

David Phillips, CEO of Tecflair Limited, approached Brafton during a period of growth for his company. His request: a website that’s ready for prime time.

“The company was expanding and needed a more professional image, website and supporting marketing material,” David explained. “We wanted our message to be clear and to have a strong process to support our marketing.”

Partial logo redesign.

Website redesign.


Case study.

LinkedIn articles & posts.

Differentiate with design; add value with content

“As soon as we signed up, we received a login to the project management portal, which clearly showed us the content, progress and contained all versions of the deliverables along with a clear approval/revision process,” David said.

Our proprietary Content Marketing Platform made it easy for us to hit the ground running, and start racing toward our objectives, which included:

  1. Making sure the most fundamental brand elements—logo and website included—would serve Tecflair as it continues to expand.
  2. Creating value-add content that would showcases Tecflair’s expertise, and distribute it on a channel (LinkedIn) that puts this content in front of decision-makers.
  3. Making the experience of working with us as seamless and easy as possible.

Old logo:

New Logo:

“The project was 100% successful,” David said. “We were very pleased with the deliverables and we now have an image that we are confident in and that projects our message. The new website is great and gets good feedback and we have a strong marketing process in place.”

David was also happy with the ease of working with this Brafton team.

“The support and contribution we received from the team were outstanding—above and beyond the requirement.”

Most importantly, though, he got what he came for—a website primed for inbound marketing success, AKA, the deliverable that keeps on delivering.

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