How We Wrangled Dozens — and Counting — of SQLs for CFGI




Booked meetings.


Increase in Page 1 rankings.

Great content marketing can be a game-changer for a growing company, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

Our work with CFGI is the perfect example of what happens when a business pulls all the right content marketing levers.

An Inbound Marketing Overhaul

CFGI, the nation’s largest non-audit advisory firm, assists with all key functions pertaining to the office of the CFO. This could be anything from creating a SOX compliance program to helping a business prepare for an IPO.

When CFGI first engaged Brafton in March 2019, they primarily needed collateral to support their robotic process automation (RPA) consulting services.

They liked our work, and by the end of the year, we began the process of rebuilding their website. We also completely revamped their inbound marketing strategy and email automation program.

As a result, the company has booked approximately 100 meetings, and counting, with sales-qualified leads (SQLs).

1 Total website redesign.

27 Landing pages.

38 Blog posts.

7 slide decks.

6 One pagers.

34 Custom illustrations & CTAs.

50 Emails written & set up.

226 Social posts.

60 Custom social graphics.

4 Social videos.

7 PPC ads.

2 On-location videos.

1 Newsletter design.

2 eBooks.

2 White papers.

2 Animated videos.

2 Press releases.

2 Infographics.

We set out to create content for each stage of the sales funnel to showcase CFGI’s unique expertise, while reinforcing their brand narrative.

This meant creating content that reflected an extremely high level of subject-matter expertise: CFGI’s target audience consists of controllers, CFOs and other professionals working in the office of the CFO. Our blog content and thought leadership eBooks needed to be on point.

We also wanted to hammer home CFGI’s one-of-a-kind capabilities in the world of accounting advisory.

To this end, we produced several videos, refreshed nearly 30 landing pages and created dozens of blog posts showcasing CFGI’s unique role as a non-audit accounting advisory firm. We also spotlighted company culture with event recaps, profiles of its leadership team and blog posts about CFGI’s philanthropic ventures.

Finally, we made sure CFGI had the email automation capabilities and copywriting to grow its mailable list of contacts, to engage those leads and to nurture them into sales opportunities. We even created slide decks and reformatted case studies for use in sales enablement.

In total — not counting our Salesforce integrations and website consulting work — we produced more than 300 deliverables in 2 years, including:


  • 1 complete website redesign.
  • 27 landing pages (written, edited & designed).
  • 38 blog posts.
  • 7 slide decks.
  • 6 one-pagers.
  • 34 custom illustrations & CTAs.
  • 2 eBooks.
  • 2 white papers.
  • 2 animated videos.
  • 2 press releases.
  • 2 infographics.
  • 2 on-location videos.


  • 50 unique emails.
  • 1 newsletter design.


  • 262 social posts (with over 460,000 impressions).
  • 60 custom social graphics.
  • 4 social videos.

Paid advertising

  • 7 PPC ads (with over 135,000 impressions).

Homepage in Early 2019

Homepage Today

Blog in 2019

Blog Today

As a result of our efforts, CFGI has grown its email database by tens of thousands of contacts, and has booked dozens of meetings with new qualified prospects.

Let’s take a closer look:


  • 98% increase in Page 1 rankings.
  • 94% increase in traffic YoY (2020 vs. 2019).
  • 35% increase in form fills PoP (July 2020 – Dec. 2020 vs. Jan. 2020 – June 2020).
  • 1,000+ downloads for eBooks, white papers and other collateral.

Social (organic and paid)

  • 135,405 paid social impressions across 2 ads.
  • 461,396 organic social impressions across more than 200 posts.
  • 3,000,000+ impressions from PPC across display and search.
  • 82 leads generated from LinkedIn Ad Campaigns just in Q2 2021.


  • 40,000 new companies added to the email database since 2019.
  • 90,000 new contacts added to the email database since 2019.
  • 2,000+ active prospects within the office of the CFO.
  • 700+ active prospects with the title “CFO”.


  • 100+ meetings booked since late 2019.

The Key Takeaway

CFGI went all-in on inbound marketing, and it paid off. The company has established contact with thousands of prospects within the office of the CFO, and hundreds of CFOs.

More importantly, CFGI has booked more meetings with SQLs — some of which have led to new business.

New business means new sources of revenue, and that’s content marketing’s raison d’etre.

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